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Yasmenda - March 23

What are the symtoms of a miscarige


delana - March 10

I don't know. Ijust found out from my doc. that they are going to make me have a miscarige, due to the fact that what would've been a baby stopped growing 1-2 weeks after conception. I should be 6-8 weeks But on the ultrasound all that was there was the sac.


lisa - March 23



Kayla Wood - November 4

How Do i Know if i have had a Miscarige?


eva - November 13

Kayla - a miscarriage usually hurts quite a bit and you might have bleeding - like fresh blood. if you have fresh blood or very painful cramps it's best to have it checked out.


Marjorie Martinez - November 18

Vaginal Bleeding,Dizzines,Fever,Pain Low Blood Presure,Dehydration.


danielle casey - February 17

what are the symtoms of a miscarige


suzzie champ - April 1

when you have a miscarige along with fresh blood. do you bleed for three weeks and have huge blood clots? because i do and i dont know what to do


chelle - April 2

I had a miscarige just over a week ago, I was about 5 weeks pregnant, so i never had too much discomfort. I had a bit heavier period, bad period pain & some cramps in my lower stomach, my bleeding lasted for about 5 - 6 days after my miscarige, in my blood there was tissue discharge, if you have any concern's i reccomand that you see a doctor straight away.


Michelle - April 2

If you have a choice ask for a D&C. I had one in Jan.05, i was 8wks. But if you don't get the choice and you think your having a miscarriage- trust me you'll know it!! Not to scare anyone! But I just went through a miscarriage 3 nights ago, it's premature labor and you actually have contractions and painful cramps.It took me me 21/2 hours to actually pa__s mine.However, everybodys body is different so it may be a breeze, but i was only 5 weeks. No woman should ever have to go through an actually miscarriage it's torture mentually and physically.


claire - June 9

i suffered a miscarige 3 night ago, i was 11 weeks pregnant and started to bleed. i was sent straight to hospital were the pain started, as the cramps got stronger i felt the urge to pa__s urine, when i went to use the toilet i pa__sed the fetus of my 11 week old baby i was kept in hospital over night as i'd suffered a lot of blood lose. as it was only 3 days ago i'm still in shock and pain, i felt this was the worst experience anyone could ever go through and hope that it never again happens to me.


kate - June 9

claire---i am so sorry for your loss---best wishes !!!!!!!!!!


Wendy - June 9

I just found out 3 days ago, on my first visit to my OB, that the baby I was carrying had no heart beat. I would have been 13 weeks. I still don't know how to feel about it. I haven't pa__sed anything yet and even though I am worried, I still feel very numb.


tc - June 9

Wendy I am so sorry for your loss. I had a DNC last Wednesday and I am still trying to figure out exactly what I am feeling. Some days are better than others. I will keep you in my thoughts.


amber - June 22

I'm not sure what a miscarrige feels like. I am 7 weeks pregnet and started to spot today.Now I've had small blood clots. Is this a start to a miscarige??


Kelly - June 23

This last Saturday evening I started by noticing blood mixed with stringy, clear discharge (sorry for the detail) when I wiped. It never bled onto my underwear for two days, was just kind of up in my body. I didn't really have any cramps or anything, the two days previous I suffered from extreme diarrhea and felt like I had the flu really bad. My b___bs also didn't really hurt anymore and I just didn't "feel" pregnant anymore. A last minute u/s was ordered for me, and found that the baby had probably died at week 8 and I was 9 weeks+ along. That u/s was at 1:30 and by 2:45 my body had already started the full miscarriage process. I actually found myself in a "mini labor" session in the bathroom. I was sweating and felt the urge to push accompanied by very bad cramping (worse then I've ever felt). Then this little thing slipped right out and it was the fetus. I could actually see the little dots where the eyes were and could see a little arm bud. It was sad, but I was glad I was able to look at it. Kind of closure for me I guess. It's now been 3 days since the miscarriage and I'm still bleeding steadily, but slowly. Not sure how long it will last.


amber - June 23

Kelly- thank you for responding. I'm am so sorry! I've talked to my ob and she said w\my levals of HCG and the bleeding it probly was a miscarige.I'm lucky enough to have two buetiful children. But the pain of loseing a baby is nothing I have ever imagened. We just have to keep our babies close to our heart and they will always be near. I'm glad to be able to talk to someone going throuh the same thing. Keep your head up!!!!!



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