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amber - June 23

Kelly- thank you for responding. I'm am so sorry! I've talked to my ob and she said w\my levals of HCG and the bleeding it probly was a miscarige.I'm lucky enough to have two buetiful children. But the pain of loseing a baby is nothing I have ever imagened. We just have to keep our babies close to our heart and they will always be near. I'm glad to be able to talk to someone going throuh the same thing. Keep your head up!!!!!


Kayla - June 27

well know i now.. Thanx for the answers.. I feel bad now to know that i lost my baby, because it sounds like i miss placed it like a set of key's or something.. I still keep saying that it was my fault.. WAS IT???


shay - June 30

how can you have a miscarige?


Jo - June 30

I just found out that I miscarried at about 7 weeks when I should be 12 weeks. I didn't have any of the common symptoms if there is such a thing. I had no cramping just a little spotting and that little spotting was my miscarriage. I started bleeding heavy in my 12th week so I had a ultrasound which showed an empty sac. The doctor had said that from the beginning of the pregnancy there was something wrong which isn't anything that I did.


Kelly - June 30

I'm sorry to hear about that Jo. I understand the feelings you are probably going through. Sadness and disappointment. Although I'm sad, I'm not so distraught that I can't function, because I had done research about how common miscarriages can be and also I feel the Lord has given me peace about the situation. My husband and I are going to wait about three months before we "actively" try again...Hang in there.


W - July 1

Hi All, I had a M/C last Aug (2004) I was 13 weeks but the baby had died at 10 weeks. I had no signs of bleeding just the odd twinge in my side but my doctor said that could be things stretching etc with the pregnancy. I M/C naturally which was extremely painful but I was advised it was best if my body could do it on it's own. It has taken my husband and I 10 months to fall pregnant again (after only taking 3 months the first time) and I have M/C again 3 days after I found out. The only possitive I can take out of all of this is that I am falling pregnant and at least with this early M/C I haven't had to go through what I went through last year. Needless to say my husband and I are devastated. Good luck to you all going through the same thing. My fingers are crossed for all of us. xx


Kathy - July 1

I had a miscarriage recently (I was eleven weeks pregnant). I had light bleeding for a day. Then I began to get cramps like I was going to start my period. Then heavy bleeding started and lasted for about eight hours. The physical trauma involved with the experience varies depending on how many weeks pregnant you are. I hope you're not having a miscarriage.


Roxana - July 8

after a miscarige if you poop blue and green what does that mean?


Jen - July 8

I miscarried at 8 weeks on July 4. I had spotting, menstrual like cramping, then heavy bleeding sharp pain just before I pa__sed the clots. The bleeding stopped shortly after. I did not have painful cramping or very heavy bleeding. Just like a period.


Claire - July 21

How long should you bleed for after miscarring? I miscarried on the 6th on June and although sometimes light I am still bleeding, sometimes its bright but most times its dull and brownish?


Claire - July 21

I have already wrote about my miscarige and being able to explain what happened to ladies who have also been through the same thing felt like a comfort and also reading your stories has helped me slightly. Thank you all so much. My thoughts are with you all.


Kesha - July 22

Hello: this is my 5th pregnancy (3lb & 1mc) and I had been spotting dark brown off and on, so on Tuesday I went to the dr and they performed a transv____al u/s and discovered that there was blood but the baby was fine had a hr of 122 bpm. I had a pelvic exam and was told that the blood needed to drain and to have intercourse as this would help drain the blood. Last night I had intercourse; however, I woke up in the middle of the night and seen dk blood in my underwear. I put on a pad and about 4 hrs later it needed to be changed. All day today, I have been spotting off and on. Noticed a red clot that resembled the shape of a small piece of liver plopped out while using the restroom. I have no cramping and no more spotting. I go back tomorrow afternoon for another u/s. Could I still be pregnant or is this a m/c Anyone who has gone through this before please contact me at mmyers46@columbus.rr.com.


claire - July 22

kesha, my responce to you is to get in contact with your local maternity unit and explain your situation to them. its probably just the blood drainind like the doctor said it would. if the blood is dark in colour that usually means its just the period you would have missed when you first became pregnant. i hope everythings fine with you and your baby.


kelly - August 4

can u have a miscarige by having hard or rough s_x?


Claire - August 4

Kelly, i'vs read that s_x in any way should not upset your baby as it is protected by a kind of safety sack. If you experience pains during s_x it might not be good for the baby, you should contact your GP and explain you symptoms.


samara - August 24

what are the symtoms of a miscarige



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