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samara - August 24

what are the symtoms of a miscarige


anjana - August 29

hi all of you, I had a miscarriage week ago. I feel very sad and disappoint.Me and my husband were realy excited and happy. We just couldnt belive it. Its realy sad experince.I want to know when we can try again?


may - August 30

i just had a miscarige yesterday. i was 7.5 weeks and we saw a baby but no HB last week. doc told me not to worry but i might be unhealty pregnant..so i went back yesterday and did U/S, there was only empty sac and no baby...in fact, it wasn't even a baby yet...it couln't form as a human.. i DID NOT have any symptoms of mis carige: no cramp, no pain, no bleeding or spotting. after the U/S, i had little blood spot but that's about it.... it really came to me with surprise. i thought i had a healthy pregnant. me and my husband r really sad but we just have to try again. i'll have D&C tomorrow. i hope everyody here has a healthy pregnant. i'll be back here as a healthy pregnant woman soon!! good-luck everybody!


Jennifer - September 6

What are the causes?


clare - October 27

i lost my baby 9 months ago it was 12 weeks the pain was unbearable and still ave nt got over it im scard to even get pregant again.


Sharna - October 30

Hi there, three days ago I was 14 weeks pegnant and now I am not. it started with light bleeding and light in colour,then cramps started. It was good i am a receptionist at a doctors so I was seen as soon as it happened. I felt no pain or anything iregular leading up to it, i was told to rest so did. By the next day I began bleeding dark in colour and heavier. Hoping that I hadnt suffered a misscarriage my fears were then met by clots pa__sed into the toilet. When looking at one on the paper I thought for a moment, is that my baby but was too much in shock to think it was. Gut instinct knew and at this moment i suffer a great loss because it was a baby soo much wanted and loved. i am due to go for a scan but I know in my heart my baby is gone, the scan will only hurt the pain i feel even more. Is suggest if you have any bleeding visit your doc asap. rest if you cant get there asap and that means total rest. It can be avoided if you take it easy but in my case it didnt help. My heart goes out to every woman who has suffered a loss and now I can say i understand how you feel. Hopefully in a few months I can look at getting pregnant again, but it will be hard not to think "will this one survive".


Marie - February 2

I'd like to know myself?!


valene - February 11

Can you still pa__s blood clots and still be pregnant? my doctor gave me a exam and my cervix was closed. i only had period type bleeding for three days and very light the next two.


Kristen - March 17

I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and I am bleeding with clots as well. I have no cramping. I suffered a miscarriage 5 months ago which totally felt different. I have an Utlrasound appointment Monday. My Hcg levels are high. Could I still be pregnant? or am I miscarrying again?



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