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GinaC - May 11

I found out I was pregnant on Friday. I went to the ER because of va___al bleeding. My levels were 88 and they weren't sure how far along I was. I went back Monday and my levels dropped to 55, still know answer on how far along I am. I have had bleeding and mild cramping ever since. I know the miscarriage is a BIG possibility, but could they be wrong? Has anyone ever dropped in levels, had bleeding, and still delivered a healty baby? Any help would be great!


CKSAN - May 12

Gina, I can't give you any good news. Maybe someone can out there. In my experience (3 lost babies) a drop in HCG meant miscarriage. Even when levels are rising but not doubling every other day, it is not a good sign at all. Have you pa__sed any clots? I will keep you in my prayers.


GinaC - May 12

No, I haven't really pa__sed clots, but I've bleed for about a week now with mild cramping. I had another blood test yesterday and still waiting results. I have already lost hope for this pregnancy. Maybe next time! Thanks for your help!


CKSAN - May 15

Any word on your blood test?


GinaC - May 15

My levels were 42. Looks like a miscarriage. I didn't have any clots though and now the bleeding has completely stopped and I have some discharge. Is this normal? Has there ever been a case where the levels went up and every thing was normal. (wishful thinking!)


Been There - May 15

Sorry, GinaC. I suffered a miscarriage once and there were no blood clots. Just tissue. My levels dropped. Dropping levels definitely means a miscarriage. But keep hope. There are a lot of women on this site who had a loss early on and BING! were pregnant 1-4 months later. Myself included. As a matter of fact, you have a better chance of carrying the next one full-term. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but happy to tell you that I truly believe your next time will be it. Baby dust to you!


CKSAN - May 16

Gina, I am so sorry. I had my third miscarriage in November. I was 6 weeks. I did not pa__s any large clots with this one, only very small clots. I was pregnant again in January! Don't give up hope


scoutsout - May 17

I have PCOS and wonder if I possibly had a m/c. After my first cycle of clomid, estrogen and prometrium. I tested negative for pregnancy and started my period. Two weeks later, I had a "second" period. Could this second period have been a miscarrage? Could I have shown a neg p/g test and been p/g?


CKSAN - May 17

scoutsout- I have PCOS as well and conceived my first on chlomid. It's hard to say whether or not you miscarried. With all the drugs, I would say it is not unusual to be a little weird the first cycle or so. Here's the good news. I got pregnant on my third cycle with chlomid. Are you taking glucophage or metformin as well? This time around, I just took metformin to regulate my insulin instead of taking chlomid. I got pregnant after 4 months, but had ann early miscarriage, then was pregnant right away again. I am now 21 weeks. If you'd like we can chat more about our PCOS/CHLOMID etc experiences if you'd like to start a new thread.


scoutsout - May 17

CKSAN-what is a "thread?" I'm new so you'll have to teach me the lingo. I am 500mg of metformin once a day (I couldn't handle it 2xs a day). I take Clomid cd3-cd7, Estradiol cd8-cd12, Prometrium cd18-until period. I haven't found anyone else that is taking Estradiol and absolutely no one that is taking a similar schedule of drugs. Congrats on BFP :) (I know a few terms). After my first cycle my husband didn't understand why I was so disappointed. Glad to finally here a sucess story that hasn't taken years...I just wonder if PCOS is all that is going on and I'm anxious to know how difficult this is actually going to be. I'm just glad I found this forum to have some people to talk to. It comsumes most of my thoughts and I don't have anyone that understands that.


Smiles - May 17

Scoutsout- I was on metformin for 4 months and I got pregnant. I also have PCOS. Just found out today that I have an 8cm cyst on my right ovary. Very discouraging because if it gets any bigger they will have to remove before I deliver adn if it stays the same I will probably have to have a section. All the best to you


CKSAN - May 17

Scoutsout, you are so funny! That's ok that you don't know the lingo. I don't either really, especially people who type in "text" language. I swear, everyday I feel older and older... The fact that I ever had the words to "Aberacadabera" and "You drop the Bomb on Me" memorized just confirms the truth!!! Any way, I digress.. We are currently in a thread. just a string of responses to the orignal question and/or statement. I'll go ahead and start a new thread right now for us PCOS gals. I look forward to chatting


charliepaulchloe - May 18

hey cksan what date have you been given for ur due date? i too concieved again in jan after m/c in dec 05. to all, i keep seeing on here about hcg levels and how they are monitored but it means nothing to me as im in uk and they dont measure that they just do a pg test and send u for scan then nothing until 20wks unless u have concerns about baby then u can go to ur local midwife. to gina- when i had my m/cin dec i never had any clots either they only knew i was having m/c because it was still showing positive on urine pg test, i was about 6 wks xxx


CKSAN - May 18

charliepaulchloe, based on LMP, I'm due Sept 30. Based on early ultrasound (which is acurate within a day or two) I'm due Oct 5. The Dr.s are sticking with the LMP date b/c they were really only 6 days different.


charliepaulchloe - May 18

im 18 wks now was given 31st oct at first but they have changed it now to 18th oct which is what ive said all along they are keeping an eye on me though cause there is 13 days difference.


kee - June 12

Thats probably not possible. so so sorry. but remember the ultrasound should be the final determinant.



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