Miscarriage And Wating To Try

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Spritz - March 17

I miscarried last week and had the D&C last Tuesday. My bleeding has stopped. I was wondering if anyone has gotten pregnant before their first cycle? i was just wondering if i have to wait 1 cycle or can we start trying before? Please help!


amy - March 17

Hi Spritz. I am sorry to hear that you went through a m/c and D&C last week..I too went through a m/c last month. My MD told me that I did not have to wait, but i m/c naturally. I think you are told to wait a few cycles following d&c due to allowing your uterus to heal to support a new pregnancy. I am due for my period today but so far it has not arrived! I hope to have "positive" news to share soon..I will take a HPT tomorrow morning if it does not come. If I am pregnant, it will be before my first cycle following m/c. FINGERS CROSSED! Good luck to you!


Spritz - March 17

Amy. Thanks for getting back to me. Good luck tomorrow. I actually missed carried naturally the morning my D&C was scheduled. But they completed the surgery anyways and removed the placenta that hadn't come out. It is hopeful to hear that you didn't wait a cycle. I have my follow up apt. next week with my midwife to check and see if eveything has returned to the prepregnancy state. I'm hoping i have and am given the go ahead to start trying right away. Was this you first m/c? I have a daughter who is 17 mos. This was my first m/c and 2nd pregnancy.


Heather - March 18

Spritz I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I m/c a couple of weeks ago with our first. Still trying to get that first baby. DH and I are not waiting. I did have a natural m/c like Amy and am hopeful. I did read that baby aspirin helps thicken the lining on the uterus (increases blood flow) so you may want to think about that. It's a one a day thing (81mg). Good luck! Amy good luck to you! I'll be keep'n my fingers crossed for you! *~*~*~*~*~ to us all


Spritz - March 18

I thought my bleeding was over and it came back today...how long did either of you bleed for after m/c?


Olivia - March 19

Sorry for your loss, I m/c last wed and had d & c same day. Dr insisted I wait at least until after 1st cycle to allow uterus to heal fully from surgery. I know how you feel that you just want to try again it is frustrating to wait but I really want next preg to make it so I am taking Dr's advice.


Heather - March 19

Spritz - I bled (heavy) for about 3 days... Then it was moderate like a period for another 2 1/2 days. Then had spotting for 4 days. Is it bad?


spritz - March 19

Heather-the bleeding is not heavy enough to even reguire a pad. IThe blood today is finally turning to a brownish color so i hope we're nearing the end. I have my midwife apt monday and i can't wait to see if the cervix and uterus have healed.


Heather - March 21

Spritz... How'd your appointment go today?!


Heather - March 21

My apt went well. The uterus and cervix are back to normal. The midwife also said that you can try before your 1st cycle and it doesn't increase the chance of miscarriage. She said they like you to wait one cycle so they have a better due date to go on. So the ttc is on!!! How is everything going for you?


spritz - March 21

sorry--i meant to put my name not Heather in the last entry?!?!?


Heather - March 22

Spriz - Oh wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear you're back on track!! I came on hoping you'd left a post this morning. My dr told me the same thing yesterday. I had my 2 week followup post m/c and she said that if we really want to start now we can. Nothing will happen that wouldn't normally. That since it was an early pregnancy your body doesn't need as much time to recover. DH and I have been trying already... We're hoping it doesn't take long. I think the hardest thing about the m/c & starting over is going to the dr's office and seeing all the big, very pregnant beautiful women. I've been charting my temp and it's up and down like normal. I've read that your temp may be off right after a m/c so we'll see. Are you charting your temp as well and/or using opk's??


spritz - March 22

Heather-that so good that you got the go ahead to try also. Its so hard to think about having to wait when all you want is a baby!! I actually haven't been charting my temps but at the apt yesterday the midwife said when they were doing the internal exam that i had what looked like fertile mucus. Did i miss the window of opportunity? We went home and ttc but i'm wondering if it was to late? I've also noticed less ovulation discharge than normal. I've only noticed it a little yesterday and then this morning. What do you think? Good luck with your ttc also. I hope for the both of us its not long...b/c your right its so hard to see pregnant woman...and dont' they seem like they're everywhere!?!??!


amy - March 22

Hello.. sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys..I had a BFN test and AF to follow..boo hoo. There is always next month, i guess. Hope you guys have luck conceiving this month! Keep in touch! and..BABY DUST *****


Heather - March 22

Spritz... You know I was asking on another site about cm and got a response saying that women have different timing on that. If you still had cm I think you may have been good to go & timed it just right. Keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP for ya!! And yes... PG women EVERYWHERE now!! It's crazy!! :) Sorry to hear about the bfn amy! Keep try'n girl!! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~ to us all!


spritz - March 24

Heather-how is everything going? Right now i'm just doing the waiting game...i'm waiting to see if maybe i'm pregnant and if not i'll be happy to atleast have my first cycle after d&c..hope all is going well with you.


neva - March 27

Im feel really relived to have people share my experiences told I m/c last week Im up and down please let me know how it is going for you alll. I beed all the encouragement I vcan get from people who understand Neva



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