Miscarriage Or Implantation Bleeding Please Help

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Niki - December 11

Hello, I'm a little over 4 weeks pregnant. I had a D&C for a previous miscarriage (at 12weeks) on Nov. 7 and then ovulated on Nov. 25 on which we conceived. We had one positive hpt on Dec. 8 and doctor confirmed pregnancy on on the 9th. On the evening of the 9th I started what seemed like a light period flow, spotting at first and then yesterday and today I've had a light-medium flow. Probably only filling a pad if I were to leave it on for 24 hours. I have had three miscarriages before (at 4, 5, and 12weeks) and am just wondering if this is another one. The flow is bright red and my midwife said it could be implantation bleeding, but of course, don't know. I'm wondering if the D&C may have made my uterine walls weak and so I may be bleeding more. I haven't had any cramping, maybe some barely noticeable ones, but no big clots or anything. I'm also on progesterone which I didn't have before with my other pregnancies. Could this be slowing the miscarriage process down? I'm curious because in my other early early miscarriages, I started the heavy bleeding on the second day and this one is making me wait quite a while. Thanks in advance for ANY advice or comfort at all!! God bless!


nikinoo - December 12

Hey niki...Wow..what an awful waiting game for you. I hoping and praying that this is just implatation bleeding and that your little bub is fine. But I dont have the answers you need! I would go and see your doctor as soon as you can to see whats really going on. It is a good sign you haven't had any clots...Usually this means definate miscarriage. So It looks hopeful. I wish you all the very best sweetheart. Good luck and baby dust to you..


Niki - December 12

Thank you nikinoo! It's comforting just getting one reply saying that you wish me the best. :) And it is encouraging as I've had no clots yet. It seems to slow down while I'm lying down. I appreciate your kind words. Anyone else got anything for me?? Thanks!


K - December 12

Hi Niki, sounds like it could be implantation bleeding to me. I had the same thing for about 2 days I had bright red spotting & some cramping. I thought my af was coming! Then it went away & I did a pregnancy test and it was positive! I also had a previous m/c so I understand!! Best of luck to you & let me know!!


Niki - December 12

Thank you, K! I will let you know. Hopefully I'll find out tomorrow. The doc drew blood Friday and today. She's going to compare them tomorrow and let me know if the hcg is increasing or not. At least that will give me something of a better idea. I sure hope you're right about the implantation bleeding. At least you've given me more hope. :)


K - December 13

Hope everything goes well!! Let me know :)


Niki - December 13

Thank you for your kind words to me, ladies. I did find out today that my hormone levels dropped and I miscarried. :( I am glad that I do know now though. It was so hard just not knowing what to expect. God's Will be done in all things. Hopefully we'll conceive another healthy baby someday soon. God bless and thanks again!


K - December 14

Niki I am so sorry for your loss!! Take care & God bless!!



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