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michelle - March 14

I have had a miscarraige at 8 weeks, still bleeding,still have got signs of being pregnant swollen br___ts, stomach still seems to be growing. Could I have had twins & lost one, but one is still alive. Please advice as I am going mad trying to understand this problem.


wendy - March 14

you need to go see your doctor if you think you could still be pregnant. They need to check your hcg levels because you may not have pa__sed all the tissue and therefore you would still feel pregnant. By the time you had your miscarriage you should have known if you had twins. What is the story on your miscarriage??? You can get most of you answers from your doctor so give them a call, if you wait too long and still haven't pa__sed everything then you could get an infection. Good luck.


Brittany - March 20

I just here recently had a miscarrage of my own but you still feel pregnant for a while you need to go to the doctor because with the possibility if twins, you think may be you misscarried one if it never pa__sed it could easily terminate the baby


jessica - March 24



EMD - March 24

I wish you all the best as you go through this tough time. It is my understanding it takes the body a few weeks to comprehend you are no longer pregnant. I think you should ask for ultra sound and make sure everything is alright. Good luck and G-d bless


jane - April 29

i had a miscarrige nine months ago and i am pregant again whats the chances it could happen again.


keisha - May 4

you need to go to a doctor and see what is wrong


misha - May 7

please go to a doctor, why come online when you can see a licensed doctor


Jamie - May 7

Michelle- I am hoping that the same situation is happening to me with the lost twin thing or something beacuse I really, really want this baby. So don't give up hope! I think maybe I am just in denyal...but the baby was concieved on April 17th 2005. I started bleeding on April 23rd and i went to the emergency room, my HCG level was 90, which is high for being so early. the bleeding was light and stopped on Monay April 25th (I bled for 3 days). Monday, April 25th (48 hours later) HCG level: 101 Wednesday, April 27th (48 hours later) HCG level: 107 Thursday, April 28th: Doctors Appt. Cervix still closed and everything looks fine, they warn that due to my numbers I might have a miscarrage. Wednesday, May 4th: HCG level: 80 the nurse called and said I will probably miscarry within the next few weeks.... now my question is, could this have been maybe a disappearing twin, can your numbers just fluctuate this early on? It has only been 18 days since conception. I still feel pregnant, my b___bs are swelling up and I haven't blead since that first time and my cervix was still closed after that so that wasn't a miscarrage. Is there hope for this pregnancy? I feel so helpless because all i can do its wait and I need hope. Thank you and please pray for me!


amanda - May 12

i think its really important to go to the doctors and have this checked out you dont want to get an infection did you have a dnc after the miscarrage? good luck to you-jamie i wish you the best of luck too GOD bless ladies


rosa - May 15

I think that there is a still a possibility that you miscarrige a twin and there is still a possibility of incomplete miscarrige. You should go to the doctor to tell him what you think. I just had a miscarrige and I was looking for answer too. I found a web site that might be very helpful for you. it is MISDIAGNOSEDMISCARRIAGE.COM


Jaimee - July 26

I do not have an answer for you , only possibly hope. I was 16 yrs old when i was pg for twins. At 8 months along I lost my son, who was the size of a 4 month fetus. I gave live birth to a daughter at full term. It was a harsh pg. I went into "Early" labor 57 times, went thru amnio tests, and medications for the lungs and other things. She was on a respirator at birth and has apnea now.. I was never told of my son, or the fact of it being twins."I was too young " the Dr. said. There is hope and there is still the future.. See your Dr. and do not settle on what you are told till you are comfortable with the opinion,and request to see the results, ALL of them. I wish you the best now and in the future...


Noams - July 26

I have heard of women having a miscarrage and still being pregnant , also some women get real bad bleeding and do not lose the baby at all. Did you have a D&C after miscarrage, if you didnot then it is very possible






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