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Delana - September 11

How long does a miscarrige take to run its course? And how long after can you try to get pregnant again? I have four Children, this is my first miscarrige. What can i expect?


roshni - March 21

is it require to undergo d&c afteer misscarrige.if no what are the affect for next pregnancy.if yes how soon need to get it done pls advise.


bee - March 25

i have had three miscarriges after one normal birth and each one took several days to when the loss was complete then just as a period but heavier bleeding i was only 6 weeks there abouts each time


bee - March 25

i was told to wait until i had 1 normal period then i could try again but you should be taking folic acid for three months before trying really good luck!


L - March 26

Why have i be having miscarrige


r - March 27

I was told to wait 1 to 3 months. The bleeding is heavy because you are sheding the inside of your uterus. Keep talking with your doctor if you are still bleeding for longer than a week. You don't want to get anemic or pa__s out due to loss of blood.


adriana - April 20

when having a misscarrige do you bleed very heavy or is it light?


geri - May 2

i had a miscarriage at 10 weeks at it took 6 days to expell, and there was no need for a d&c after i lost large clots


Dawn - May 11

I had a miscarrige at 16 weeks,a little boy.I did have to have a d&c after I delivered him. It took 5 days of being induced. but it can take up to 6 weeks.


Dawn - May 11

The doctor told us to wait at least 3 months to let your body recover. And let your levels return to normal.Good luck and God bless...


a - May 12

i have had one miscarrige i was told to wait till my next period and then i could try again although i don't want to seeing how i am 15 but yeah thats what i was told


Parmjit - May 30

My wife had first two miscarriges before giving a birth. After first miscarrige we were told to wait 6 months before we try again. I never heard about the miscarrige after 4 childrens. So take a good advice by someone before you try again.


*Tasha* - June 1

I just had a misscarrige and I am 15 years old I have not been to the doctors yet but I think you she try again when you feel ready to and when you are healthy.


BEM - June 2

I am in the process of a miscarrige as we speak, with my second pregnancy,and from my first, I have a wonderful 18 mth old. I have been told that a miscarrige can take a week to run it's course,but I am now in week two, of bleeding lightly for a day and then nothing for two days, and that pattern keeps repeating itself, and I was 5-6 weeks, so I really think that it must be different for everyone.I think if you have a feeling that something just isn't right, or it is taking a long time - express your concerns with your doctor.good luck


crystal - June 8

my question was i havent had my period in about 3 months but ive done 3 pregnancy tests had the plan b taken just in case because i have 2 children already but ne ways i finally recieved my period 2 days ago and this morning when i went to go change my tampoon my tampoon came out and theen tissue the size of a lighter is that because i havvent had my period for 3 mths or was it a baby????


Dee - June 8

I have had two miscarriges and i don't know why? I have been trying to conceive for the past 4 yrs.I feel like i have failed. I have been to the doctors but they don't have a clue to what's going wrong. I'm in the process of getting tons of tests done.


JAY - June 17




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