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michelle003 - May 20

I had posted a question about very low hcg levels. But now I've started passing clots and I went to the ER and the DR says it looks like a miscarriage with how much I was bleeding. But in one day my hcg levels rised the most they ever have. It went from 95 to 119. The most it's ever gone up in two days has been by 22. So my question is if I am miscarrying shouldn't my levels be going down instead of up?


Mandy1984 - May 20

no not at first, I had a natural m/carriage at 18 weeks but had to have a D&C about 1 hr later because I continued to bleed, My levels rose v. slighlty over the next couple of days, The doctor told me that It should sort itsself out, After 1week if your levels were still rising then your doc migh suggest a D&C incase there is any thing left over (retained products) I am really sorry for your loss xx Take Care


spammy4145 - May 21

HI michelle. I too had a m/c and my levels increased after 2 days. the day I found out that my levels had rised I was thirilled and later that evening I actually had a natural m/c. so yes it is possible to have levels increase and still m/c. Altho I do hope this is not the case for you


kee - June 12

HCG should double every 2-3 days and the rise you have is not good. but falling or slowly rising hcg is ominous, you could have totally normal hcg and a nonviable pregnancy. spotting can happen in a normal pregnancy but not heavy spotting. the ultrasound should be the determinant. please bear in mind how common miscarriage is and that most women who miscarry deliver healthy full term babies afterwards


michelle003 - June 12

My levels actually kept rising.. almost a week later it was at 202. I had been being monitered for an ectopic and on the 24th it was confirmed by an ultrasound and I was given the methotrixate shot. But since it really looked like I had a miscarriage I wonder if I had one of each. I started pa__sing clots again about a week and a half after getting the shot and the sample they took at the ER when I went in mysteriously got lost.. so I don't think I'll ever know for sure. But looking at my hcg numbers to me it looks like I could have been losing one and having another one trying to strive since the rise in my number were dropping right before i had the "miscarriage" but afterwards they started increasing better. So I really don't know but will always wonder.



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