Misscarage At 18 1 2 Weeks

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Heidi - October 18

I was told at my routine u/s last thursday that there was no heart beat and that my baby had passed away at 14 weeks 6 days.I was so shocked and scared.They sent me to the hospital and i was induced to give birth the nexed day .I had no symptoms that there was anything wrong with my pregnancey.i am so sad and upset .my milk has now come in and i want to know how long it takes to drie up??? Also i lost a large thing in the toilet last night and since then i havent been bleeding but have tummy pains and feel sick .What is this please help if you can ??? Do i need to worry about this


m - October 19

I am so sorry. I found out I had lost a baby at 12 weeks. The baby had pa__sed at 9 weeks. I know the pain. My milk came in after. It dried up in a day or two. I would call your doctor and talk with them about the toilet thing. After that we got pregnant again and found out at 8 weeks that the baby was ectopic. We are now pregnant again and found out that our baby has IUGR (fetal growth restriction) and will need delivered at 28 weeks. I know this is hard...believe me. I'm sorry I don't have any great words of wisdom but i do know it DOES get easier with time. The pain will not be as sharp i promise you that. I really found comfort on this website also. my email is [email protected] if you want to talk.


Mary - October 20

Heidi, I'm so sorry to hear about your baby. Two years ago, I lost my baby at 17 weeks and not a day goes by that I don't think about her. I, too, had to deliver and that was probably the hardest part. We tried again and yet again, we lost the baby last year. It is very difficult. But the good news is that you stopped bleeding and the tissue in the toilet was probably part of the placenta that should have been removed through a D&C. It took me 6 weeks to feel better...I had cramps and felt sick too. Your hormones are adjusting...be patient with yourself and your body. Please don't give up. The good news is that you were able to get pregnant. Before you try again, make sure you are tested for Protein C or Protein S deficiencies. Also have them check your MTHRF gene for blood clotting issues. I had both, but not to worry, this is easily remedied by medication. Ask your OB. You're going to be ok.


Heidi - October 22

Mary, thanks for your advice,sorry that it took me a few days to reply but I just didnt feel like getting on the net . I went to the OB and he did blood and urine tests on me and an u/s.I go to see him again in a few days hopefully everything will be ok.I wil let you know. Thanks again for you support .


Angela - March 29

hi i know i had a m/c because i wake up an it it was about 12:00am i felt something wet and i show bleed i was 4 mouth and guess what my mother did believe me becaues l'm 15yrs old i had to call my boyfriend to take me to the hospital they said i had one and it was a baby girl


heidi - March 29

Angela Im so sorry to here that you lost your little girl . It takes a while to get through it and you wont feel right for a long time .(well I didnt). We gave our little one a name ,(robert) so now when I talk about him I can call him by name . Some people just dont understand how you feel ,and say it was just a misscarage but it was real and you did have a baby growing in your belly.So maby you should give here a name so you will always remember her. Was your mother a help to you or not? Im glad that your boyfriend was there for you .But sweety be very carful cause it is a hard thing to raise a little one and you need to live your life a little befor you have another one .I wouldnt want you to regret it later on knowing all your friends are going out and partying and you have to stay home ,because a child is for life you cant just send it back when youve had enough. I hope to here from you again and i feel for you .Im sending you a realy big hug cause you need one. take care and look after your self. bye Heidi


lyc - July 27

I know this is an old thread but something similar happened to me too. It was just a few days after my wedding and I was about 19 weeks pregnant and I had gone in for an ultrasound and there was no heart beat. They wanted me to go to the ER right away to induce labor and do the whole D&C thing but my husband was out of town and I refused until he was with me. The whole experience was a complete nightmare. I remember having these metal contraptions inserted in me to help induce and I was given several epidurals throughout labor. I guess they just wanted to drug me at this point so I would not have any kind of memory. The worse part was that I was somewhat aware and I remember being told to push like I was really having a baby. Once the baby was out they actually showed it to me. I don't remember much except waking up alone in a freezing cold room after the D&C. The whole thing was traumatic. After getting home my husband showed me some polaroids of the baby - they actually took pics to give me. The nerve! I even had to name the baby so he could have an emergency baptism. It was all so strange. On top of everything else, I am RH- so to this day I have no idea what happened. Was it me? Am I defective? It's been 9 years since and I swore up and down never again but here recently I've been thinking about trying again. I am still very frightened just thinking about it but I was wondering if something similar has happened to others who are RH- and if they went on to have successful births? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PWEE770 - August 19

I too lost a baby at 18weeks and 4 days ( a little boy that we names Tristan Phillip). I had pictures taken and I do not regret doing that at all. I am again pregnant and looking forward to an uneventful pregnancy. It's something that a woman can never quite get over, it only gets easier to deal with over time. I had never experienced such emotional pain in my life and understands what any woman in that situation is going thru. I had a very supportive partner and I hope that you all had too as that was a key factor in me getting thru this as well as I did. The Following song explained exactly what I felt and so i will share this with all the ladies that have been where I have been. All the best and best wishes for all your futures! In my dreams, you are alive and well Precious child, precious child In my mind, I see you clear as a bell Precious child, precious child In my soul, there is a hole That can never be filled But in my heart, there is hope 'Cause you are with me still In my heart, you live on Always there never gone Precious child, you left too soon Tho' it may be true that we're apart You will live forever... in my heart In my plans, I was the first to leave Precious child, precious child But in this world, I was left here to grieve Precious child, my precious child In my soul, there is a hole That can never be filled But in my heart there is hope And you are with me still In my heart you live on Always there, never gone Precious child, you left too soon, Tho' it may be true that we're apart You will live forever... in my heart God knows I want to hold you, See you, touch you And maybe there's a heaven And someday I will again Please know you are not forgotten until then In my heart you live on Always there never gone Precious child, you left too soon Tho' it may be true that we're apart You will live forever... in my heart



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