Misscarriage Implantation Bleeding Or A Period

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Erica - February 26

The last time i had my period was January 29th and I am expecting it to come on Feburary 25. My husband and I were trying to concieve on Feburary 14 on the fifteenth I began bleeding lightly and it would come and go throughout the day. Ever since then I have been bleeding lightly but on the 25th it began to get heavier. Now I have been bleeding for 12 days and I dont have any symptoms of pregnancy. So what is really going on? Am I having a misscarriage, implantation bleeding, or just a period.


Colleen - February 27

Have you taken a home pregnancy test?


julie - March 1

i am having the exact same thing!! Are you still bleeding? Because I am, not a ton, but I have been spotting every day since. I didn't think I could take a preg test yet bc I haven't yet missed a period. HOw are you doing?


Nellie - March 1

I would go and see the doctor. I had my last period on 2/2, and on 2/12, I had been bleeding light it was a pink, light red color people also refer to this as implantation bleeding, this was my first pregnancy so I didn't know. It worried me because I never had my period twice in one month so I went to the doctor on 2/14, took a preg test, the line came back faint but it was positive, my dr wanted to make sure her preg test was correct, took a blood test and that came out positive again. My light bleeding lasted until 2/18, I went to my OB on 2/17, just spotting only when you wipe, had a v____al u/s and there the doctor didn't see anything, took another blood test my HCG level went down, dr told me I was so early like 2 weeks, I had a failed pregnancy and I should be expecting heavy bleeding, 2/18 bleeding stopped but what felt like a normal period but one week early for me started on 2/23, I felt no pain at all, a little clotting, but no pain, I'm guessing this is when I miscarried. If you are bleeding I would still go to the doctor, don't need to wait for your next period. I wasn't expecting to find out I was pregnant when I was bleeding.


nicci - March 3

I acually have the same problem except its more like brownish discharge.....is it the same for you very light and off and on threw out the day?


Lisa - March 12

Erika, I agree with Nellie. Go see your OB. When I read your thread, it was very similar to my situation. The date of my LMP was January 27, and my pregnancy test was positive on Sunday Feb 27, when my period was four days late. Things were going ok, and I had my first OB appt on Thursday of this week (3/10), and I began very light spotting (pink) on 3/9. She did a v____al u/s which showed a yolk sac but no fetal pole and no heartbeat. She said that either the dates were off or there was a possibility of m/c. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year, and I have been very diligent about recording the dates on the calendar. I am 34, and this is my first pregnancy. Yesterday, the bleeding became much heavier with bad cramping all over, like a real period. I am scheduled to go back on Thursday, 3/17 for a second u/s. I will let you know how things go, but in the meantime, I will pray for us both. God bless you.


Lucia - March 14

what is the causes of miscarriage?


tracy - November 22

i am only a 21 yo girl but i do have 2 kids.i believe some times you can have a complicated 1st period at the beggining of pregnancy.i am in the process of having a misscarriage right now and the baby just died in my stomach but i think a normal misscarriage has alot of blood clots good luck sweetie and i hope your wishes come true



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