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Ezra Tuteru - July 10

I am 25 yrs old and wanting to have children desperately anyway ive had 3 misscariages and I needed support. I have no idea how i got in to this situation but im trying to find out.Ive lost 3 boys , Im overwight, my last pregnancy showed that im a diabetic during pregnancy .And i my miscarriages occurs the 2nd trimester. I need help or advise,Please help me?


clindholm - July 10

Has your doctor done testing to determine why you are losing your pregnancies? Second Trimester losses are less common and they should be able to pinpoint the reason. If they have not tested or do not know, I would change doctors (maybe go to a high risk doctor) and inform them of your history so they can figure out why and see what can be done to avoid future losses. I'm so sorry for your losses, it must be so difficult for you. Good luck.


Kendalyn - July 11

I am 27 5'7 162LBS. I have had two M/C. THe spec I went to see to get some answers told me one of my first steps was to loose weight and get down to a normal weight - 150ish - before I start spending money on testing. I was soooo mad at him! So if you are overweight, you might want to try a program to get to a healthy weight. At least according to that doc (that I'm NEVER going to see again) that was his first step. I did weight watchers a couple years back and it worked REALLY well for me when I followed the program. Wishing you the best of luck.


Cate - July 11

Kendalyn's doctor was right. While that is painful to hear...I had 4 misscarriages. AFter losing the weight I needed to lose...well, I have 2 children, and am currantly pregnant with my 3rd. However, I gained my weight back....and I am having problems. I am in very early pregnancy....so I hope this will be my 3rd anyway. Good luck to you, and like Clindholm said...if they haven't found out why, I would try another doc. But try to lose weight by eating healthy and exersizing...walking is good for the body and soul (gives you so much time to think) and take prenatal vitamins to get yourself in the best healt before trying to concieve. Again...Good luck. You're young....try everything that could help, and don't give up!



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