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m - December 26

i have just been told that i may have a molar pregnancy, can anyone give any advise on this as i`ve never heard of it


A - December 27

Molar pregnancy is a pregnancy that pa__sed on, but is now turning into cancer. Your hCG levels will be higher than normal, signaling twins or molar. Here is an article: Dear Anai, I had an ultrasound Tuesday 3/23 at 6 weeks. No heartbeat was found, just a sac. Betas were 3/9 = 1600, 3/18 = 8200 3/23 =16000 3/26 = 26000. Is this is a sign of a molar pregnancy? I have a history of recurrent miscarriages. I believe these numbers are low and not rising as they should. I have never seen my betas continue to rise after a v____al u/s with no heartbeat. Doc says this may be a good sign. Is it possible for betas to continue to rise although miscarriage is taking place? Is it possible to have missed the heartbeat? Have scheduled another ultrasound for Monday as well as drawing betas. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks! Missy Dear Missy, Molar pregnancy is where the baby pa__ses on but quickly distorts into cancer. The hormone, hCG, is in both men and women. When cancer is present, the hormone will spike. If there isn't a sac, cancer is suspected. In your case, there is a sac but no heartbeat. So far, that rules out cancer (related to pregnancy that is). Your levels are very normal. Review the chart located at and you will see what I mean. You may be able to see the heartbeat in another week or so. I know waiting at this point is difficult, so try to keep busy meanwhile to get your mind off things. You need to avoid stress since it contributes to complications. Keep me posted on your next visit. Fingers crossed that you will finally see the heartbeat! Thank you, Anai Rhoads © Copyright 2004 Anai Rhoads.


Pam - December 27

Hi m, I too was told that I may have a molar pregnancy and sadly miscarried shortly after. It was never mentioned again but I do have to be checked out once more to make sure everything has gone before trying again. It is rare and you must not worry too much incase its not as stress can lead to complication of a normal pregnancy. If you do get diagnosed with this then there will be lots of tests and follow up but it shouldn't affect your chances of then having a normal pregnancy in the future. I have a freind who had this and she is coming to the end of her tests now and looking forward to trying again. There are 2 types of this and one "can" lead to a form of cancer but I must say again it is rare and very curable. Type molar pregnancy in to Google or another search site on the web and you will find lots of articles about this so you can feel more informed at your next doctors visit. Hopefully like me it was just a possibilty and you will go on to have a lovely baby in a few months but if not just remember that it is nothing that you could have prevented or changed. Good luck.


jennifer - January 26

Hi i went through a partial molar in 2003.Meaning i had a baby there but instead of 2 sets of chromosomes it had 3.i had to have a d&c at 18 and a half weeks.These babies amost never survive.Hopefully You dont have one.This happens in bout 1% of pregnancys so it is very rare.If you do have one there is a really good chance you will be fine the next time around.Hope everything turns out ok for you.A complete molar is where there is no baby present just a bunch of grape like clusters.



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