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Carol - October 27

Hi - Just in the last couple of weeks I had a miscarriage after having a scan which showed bub had an extremely low heartbeat. I was told then not to expect too much but the opposite! I admit that I thought that something was wrong, just womens instinct I think and the fact that I felt completely different to my 1st child. The next week I had another ultrasound and no heartbeat was detected so a D&C was carried out. Complications arose from this which meant an overnight stay in hospital. They sent the foetus/placenta to the labs for testing and found a molar preg. I tell you I was scared when the Obstetrician told me about it and the word Cancer was bought up as well. The molar preg is a partial which I hear is the better one! So at the moment just blood tests weekly and I'm not sure after that but I do know my Ob told me to wait at least 6mths before trying again. Seems like a long wait but an important one. I've done a little research but would love to hear from other women in the same situation or have been here please.


Joanna - November 22

I had a molar pregnancy and had to have a D & C back in July at about 8 weeks of pregnancy. It's really scary when you read all about the cancer like cell and how you have a higher risk of getting cancer. My doctor told me the same thing about having to wait 6 mnths, I went to see her in October again and she turns around and tells me I have to wait a year. It was really upseting because we really wanted to try again soon. Well about two week ago I found out that I was pregnant again, so of course I was really worried about any complications. I went to a new Ob dr and she was very nice and informational. I had an ultrasound done and she said everything looked normal, there was a sac and a yolk, and my HCG level was also normal. I go back for another US to make sure we hear the baby's heartbeat. Hopefully you can try again soon I know its really scary, specially after you read all the literature on it, but hang in there.


Carol - November 22

Thanks Joanna - It helps to hear from someone else who has had the emotional/mental pain of having to go through this! So glad everything is going well for you too! I'll get there - wait 6 mths and start trying again. thats what my ob told me. So sounds good:-)



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