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i was just wondering, for the pregnant women that have had there period while pregnant i was just wanting to ask a couple of questions to ease my mind. Do you get your periods when it is expected? Is it a heavy flow? Does the bleeding stop and then come back? Is there even a flow? Is it just spotting? Do you see differnt colors in it? Do you have clotting( i have herd girls with clotting a little bit). Do you feel pain when having your period even though you are pregnant?( like AF cramps) IF you could... answer these questions for me please.... thank you


calichica - July 14



......... - July 15



tyra - August 9

hi calichica, i am not sure if it is normal or not but i am pregnant, well the ept test said i was and i have bled three different times. the first time was for three days, then five days, now two weeks later i am bleeding again with a little bit of clotting. i go to the dr. on friday, i hope i am still pregnant, the test say i am. also check with your family, i found out that my aunt had her period for six monthes into her pregnancy, my mom said that it may be heriditary???? i hope you find some answers soon


wondering - February 28



august baby #3 - March 1

I was on depo before getting pregnant so my cycle was really messed up. I had 3 periods while i was pregnant. all seemed like light periods but i had cramping and everything. So i was very surprised to find out that i was 8 weeks pregnant at my first doctors visit. I had an ultrasound and the baby is fine. I also had another checkup at about 11 weeks and the heartbeat was strong. NOw, i am about 15 weeks and still pregnant . So really i have no idea what was going on. I have heard that 50% of people bleeding during the first trimester miscarry but that if they can find a heartbeat, you have a 90% chance of carrying to term. I hope that they are right.



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