Mugus Plug Or Normal Discharge After Pelvic Examination

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cc - March 24

I'm currently 26 wks pregnant w/ my 3rd baby. I had preterm labor with my 2nd baby. I carried her to 38 wks after magnesium sulfate stopped labor progression. My Dr. did a pelvic exam on 3 days ago. I knew to look for light spotting, but was surprised when the next night I passed a dime sized gelatin blob that was brownish tinged. I talked to the nurse the next day and she reassured me that it was probably the lubricant that the dr. used when performing the exam. I also had a fetal fibronectin test done and it came back negative. So I felt relieved even though I've never had this kind of discharge after an exam. I just went to the bathroom and wiped a pea sized gob that was brownish. I called the nurse and she totally blew me off saying that it was the result of the exam. Has anyone else experience this kind of discharge, not being the mucus plug?


Why? - March 24

Why do Drs do pelvic exams in the middle of pregnancies?! All it does is cause tons of worry for us Moms and (very rarely) cause some babies to show up earlier than planned. When is your next appt? I would lay it out for your Dr... the worry he/she caused by doing an invasive exam when you already have a history of pre-term labor, the nurses cavalier att_tude when you called with a real concern...I would ask for another ultrasound (I'm a__suming you've already had at least one) to check on your cervical length to rea__sure yourself. I would also try not to worry too much...unless you are having other signs of early labor. I had some slight bleeding and brown discharge after my exams... the gelatin blob is something I haven't had before, but it does seem logical that it could be the KY type gel that they use for exams. Best of luck to you... I'm sure you will have a healthy baby at the end of it all!


CC - March 24

Thanks so much for responding. I have an u/s scheduled for 4/5. I just had one 2 1/2 wks ago when I was told to go to labor/delivery because I woke up w/ some spotting and cramping. They monitored me all day and gave me 2 shots of breathine. They did a pelvic, which showed no dilation or effacement. The U/S showed a healthy placenta and cervix. I do have tons of BH contractions (has gotten worse w/ each pregnancy). This pregnancy I started feeling them at 15-16 weeks. They have gotten stronger and more frequent in the last few weeks. On occa__sion I will have 15-17 in an hr. This afternoon, right before I pa__sed the pea sized blob, I had 10 in an hr. I hate feeling like everything is under the microscope. I feel like I could go insane a___lyzing everything.... The nurse didn't help by b__wing me off. She even said, "who knows if you even had preterm labor before" - I was like "WHAT? Then why did I spend a week in the hospital on Mag Sulfate???? Is is normal to, at 33 wks, go from 1cm 50% effaced to 3-4 cm 95% effaced in 4 days??? I'm just frustrated and wanting to just enjoy my last pregnancy w/o all the drama... Thanks for reading my post!



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