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Connei - April 12

How do I deal with losing my precious baby.


To Connie - April 12

I am very sorry for your loss. I can sympathize with you because I lost my first baby and the pain was unbearable. I am usually a very strong person, but this broke me in so many ways. My miscarriage happened at the end of 03 and just recently was I able to TTC again. I am 7 weeks pregnant now, but very nervous. Please realize, it will take time. Just a few months ago, I started some counseling and actually started medication and starting to recover. I would have never thought this would be so tough on me, but it was. Take time to heal and take care of yourself. If you feel you need counseling or a support group, by all means take it. I kinda wish that I had started counseling earlier. It may not have been so traumatic long-term. I always felt a great deal of guilt, even though I had nothing to do with it and counseling has helped me to realize that. I am not sure how far along you were in your pregnancy, but at any stage it is so very painful. Again, sorry for your loss. Hang in there!


Wendy - April 12

I feel for you Connie. I was almost 10 weeks pregnant and miscarried Saturday. Let yourself cry. It's ok to hurt and feel loss. I fell in love with my baby. But something was wrong with her/him. It's natures way.


K - April 13

I am so sorry for your loss. I found out two weeks ago that my baby had lost it's hb (I was at 10 weeks, baby measuring 9). I am still very sad, and I cry every day. Over the weekend, I realized that since I found out about this tragedy, I have been rebelling--eating terribly (too much fast food), drinking caffeine, not taking my vitamins, etc. It came to me that it will not be of any help to me to do this, and if I instead use this time to get healthy and exercise, it will almost turn an awful situation into something not so terrible. It's kind of my coping method--every time I make a good choice on eating, I feel like I'm paying tribute to my lost baby. I don't know if this makes sense, but right now it's helping me get by. Also, I know I'll be in better health when/if I get pregnant again. Good luck to you--I'll be thinking about you.


Kim - April 14

Connei.... I feel the exact same way. I fell in love with my baby and already had dreams for the future. Every day I am sad and feel lonely for my little one. I lost the baby two weeks ago, at twelve weeks.... a time when I was supposed to be past worrying. I am going on day by day..... and keeping the hope alive. I will keep you in my thoughts and heart and send you warm wishes for hope as well.


Alison - April 15

Connie.... I am very very sorry for your loss, I know exactally what you are going through. I had 3 miscarrages and 1 tubal pregnancy that resulted in a shot to destroy the baby...And the only thing I can tell you is take your time with the grieving process and don't be afaid to cry.... After every loss, all I did was cry for weeks and weeks.If and when your ready try again, It was well worth it for me because now im the mother of 3 precious kids and 1 on the way.I know it's hard right now but give it time, soon it will be ok.If you ever want to talk, please feel free to e mail me anytime day or night, im always checking my mail and will respond to your e mail immediately. My e mail address is [email protected] Take Care & God Bless You....My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Alison - April 15

K.... Im also sorry for your loss.If you ever want to talk, you may e mail me as well. My e mail address is [email protected] My thoughts and prayers are with you too. :o)


Alison - April 15

Kim......Im also very sorry for your loss...Just like Connie and K.... If you ever want to talk feel free to e mail me too....My address is above. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



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