My Doc Tells Me That The Fluid In My Sac Is Low

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Ashleyann - October 23

Hello all I am currenty 21 weeks pregnant..I went in for my first ultrasound just a few days ago (Oct 18th). We were really wanting to know the s_x, but the baby is currently in breech position so it was hard for the ultrasound tech to be sure .. she did say that shes "pretty certain" that its a girl !! We were so excited !! until the next day when I got a call from my doc saying that he took a better look at my ultrasound pics and info after we left and noticed that my fluid in my sac is low !! He said that at this point its not to much to worry about and that I will need to have another ultrasound on my next app so that they can check to see whats going on. The thing is .. my next appt is not till Nov 15th ...Im really worried .. mainly because I read on the net about why your fluid may be low and what can happen if it is .. none of it was good !! Is anyone else out there having this problem ????


Tory1980 - October 23

I didn't but a good friend did. She was diagnosed early on and continued to leak fluid until they induced her just before 37weeks. Low fluid levels aren;t good but there is ways to increase it and you will be monitored regularly if this is the case. Things could change before your next scan and everything will emasure fine so don't worry just yet. Congratulations on the (possible) girl!!!


Skyla - October 29

With my first I was diagnosed with low fluid at 20 wks and was scheduled for a ultrasound 3 wks later to make sure everything was OK. That ultrasound came back fine my fluid level had leveled off and I had no other issues.


Ashleyann - November 2

Thx guys thats good to hear maybe that will be the case with me too .. My next appt is to far off .. wish me luck :0)


karenb1 - November 20

I am just now reading this and I realize this is a much earlier conversation. But if you have a low amniotic fluid level you need to demand the doctor do something to increase the fluids. My sister in law today lost her baby at 28 weeks due to low fluid levels and the doctor didn't suggest anything to help prevent the loss. I don't think this is anything to wait about. Just sound the alarm and demand the doctor answer your questions, AND suggest a solution....grieving aunt karen.



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