Need Encouraging Stories About Subchorionic Hematoma

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clindholm - April 30

I am 8 weeks and was told I have this one week ago. Please if you have any experiences, please share.


SaraH - April 30

Wow, I'm sorry you're dealing w/ this. It's great that they were able to diagnosis though and that you know what is going on, I didn't even know they could diagnosis it so early in a pregnancy. Anyways, I don't know much about it as I've never had this problem. A friend has had it w/ her pregnancy though. She found out about it around the begining of the 2nd tri I believe when she started having some bleeding. She has had a lot of spotting/bleeding since then and was on bed rest for a couple weeks around the 15-16 w of the pregnancy. For the most part though she has been able to continue on w/ normal activities and has cared for her 2 young boys and continued part time work (except for that couple weeks on bed rest). She is now 37w's and just recently had an u/s a week or two ago that showed that the hematoma has finally cleared itself up and there are no more issues w/ it. Since her hemotoma took so long to resolve itself she has been closely monitored and had a number of extra u/s to check on it. Anyways, that's about all I can tell you. Everything is looking just fine for her now although it has been a long and stressful pregnancy for her. I hope your hematoma will clear up faster then hers has and that you wont have any problems to worry about during the pregnancy. Good luck. Hugs and prayers.


Teddyfinch - May 1

clind, i thought they only told you that you have a blood spot in your uterus. that can easily be implantation blood as i have that too, yet i don't have subchorionic hematoma. good luck tho.


clindholm - May 1

Sara- Thank you for the info, I hope the rest of your friends pregnancy goes smoothly. They say the hematoma's usually clear by 20 wks but the chance of compliations/loss is high. I have not had any visable bleeding yet. Teddy- yes, that's what they told me but several people have said that it sounds like a hematoma and in doing research, that's how it sounded to me. I thought my doc was just just trying to keep me a little in the dark b/c I had a difficult pg last time and was a wreck the whole time. Do you think that's all it is? I sure hope so. I go for my scan today and will try to get more info.


clindholm - May 1

Teddy- I saw the doc today and the spot from implantation is the same as a subchorionic hematoma. It's just that they don't use that term specifically when it is found so early.


Teddyfinch - May 2

ohhh! i didn't know that. well don't get too stressed because i bled and bled for 12 hours straight, pa__sing all sorts of tissues and thank God i was still pregnant after all of that. good luck!


clindholm - May 2

Teddy- I bet when you bled, that was the hematoma clearing out of you. I talked to the doc today and she totally brushed it off and said "I'm not worried about that, it will reabsorb" so I really don't know if she's just trying to down play to keep me calm. Anyway- good luck to you and your baby!



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