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Tabitha - October 25

I had a etopic pregnancy at the end of Sept and had to get the methotra...... shots. The whole process was extremely painful. I was 6 weeks at the time I ended up in the ER. Everything has worked out so far but I still seemed pretty depressed. I tried talking to my husband about it last night and he said that he'd already put it behind him and we have 4 healthly children already. Are my hormones still out of whack??? Why do I feel like crying throughout the day?????


r - October 25

I am so sorry for your loss and I know that it does not help to have hubby tell you he already put it behind him...I think men handle things in a differnt way then we do...he looks at it as you have 4 healthy kids so no big deal but to you that was your little baby no matter how many healthy ones you have it still hurts and you just need some time to get over your is ok go have yourself a nice long cry and do this when your alone even if you have to get in your car and drive to a park or something just get it all out and then maybe you will feel better somewhat it is always gonna hurt. I had a mc at the begining of this year and am now pregnant with a healthy pregnancy this time but it took me awhile to get over the mc even though I have two healthy kids it still hurt but they did help me get thru it all good luck to you and take care


Dawn - October 25

Yes, your hormones are still all over the place. Are you on any anti-depressants? That will help you tremendously, and won't effect a future child if you get pregnant again. It is very normal for you to go through a greiving process, and that process is very different for men. They don't seem to understand the emotional heartache that a woman goes through. Your hormones will get back to normal, but the loss will always live with you. Medication for yourself will help you cope easier. This is very similar to post-partum depression. No matter how many or few children you have, the pain of a loss is devistating. I have had 8 miscarriages, and have 7 children, now pregnant with many problems, and I still grieve the losses from that past, and worry about the present pregnancy. Anti-depressants have helped me tremendously, and hopefully can help you! Good luck, and hug the children you have, they will help you get through, as do mine everyday.



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