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matinajohn785 - June 27

Hey everyone! Hope so you will be fine. I want to share a story of my friend. Actually, she was suffering from PCOS. Doctors declared her infertile. She was not expecting something like this. Then she heard about IVF. She contacted a clinic named Lotus. She went for the treatment there. The IVF failed there twice. She became so upset. With infertility, she observed some hormonal disturbance in their body. It's another issue. Now the option of IVF is no more. She says clinic was responsible for this. She is devastated now. I want to give a suggestion about surrogacy to her. What do you think about it? Would it be good for her? Waiting for your view. All replies are welcome. TIA


emma95 - June 28

Hey, Martina john! sorry to hear about your friend's story. My condolences are with her. It is a heartbreaking story.IVF was the good option for her. I have my 2 children through this process. But don't lose hope. There are also other option to become a mother. No doubt infertility is the nightmare for women. But good things take time. Tell her to go for surrogacy. I know a clinic in Europe. I had also my IVF done there. They served with best of services. she should go to that clinic. May her dreams come true. Stay happy and focus on positive. take care.


rosie48 - June 28

Hey. Sorry to hear about her. Infertility is a common nowadays. Your view about surrogacy is excellent. You are supporting her in a very hard critical time. Your companionship is the reason, she did not lose hope. Ask for the doctor for this disease. Best wishes to her.


flora12 - June 28

Hi there, Matina! I'm very well and I hope you're good too. I feel sorry for your friend. She must be in a very terrible state right now. This is truly heart-wrenching. IVF was supposed to do wonders as she has PCOS. I don't understand why she failed at two attempts. Well, I've read many negative experiences with this clinic you mentioned. Or maybe it was just fate. No one can say for sure, right? Anyhow, Surrogacy is a great option for her now. It is a very trending method nowadays and reliable too. Just make sure she chooses a good clinic this time which has high success rates. All the best to her! Sending baby dust her way. 


Catherine1214 - June 30

I am sorry to learn about your friend. It is still great that she has a friend like you. You seem very much concerned about the condition of your friend. It is great that she has made up her mind. Surrogacy can really pay off. It has already brought a huge change in the lives of the desperate IPs. Your friend must first of all check the legal status of surrogacy in her state. If it is not legalised she must try to search for options in countries where it is legalised. Once the list of clinics is there choose the one with the most reliable reviews. Beware there are many scams too like Lotus and the Adonis. They are more harmful than being helpful.A clinic must offer all kinds of facilities. It must include the legal documentation and the searh for surrogate too. Once she finds the right surrogate she must take her surrogate partner in confidence. I hope your friend finds the best in her life. Stay with her as she would be needing someone to console her all through this journey.


tressalee - June 30

Greetings. How are you? hope that your friend is fine. I am sorry to know about her infertility. It is really a difficult time. Tell her to stay strong. You are thinking about the best option. Tell her about surrogacy. It is the best process. IVF success factor is low. I heard that surrogacy is a very successful process. Many infertile couples chose surrogacy. Through surrogacy, she will have a complete family. Her all dreams will come true. Everything will be fine for her. Tell her to stay cool and calm. it is very much needed. best of luck.


Anisa28 - June 30

Hey. Sorry for what she experienced. Well, you are giving a right suggestion to her. I am also having a baby through Surrogacy. I chose to go there when I was diagnosed with infertility. I had Uterine polyps disease which left me Infertile. I was so upset. I had no idea what to do. Then, I and my husband decided to go for surrogacy. I went to Europe for the clinic. They found us a healthy surrogate. Today I am a blessed mother. Avoid lotus and Adinos clinics. My best wishes to her. God bless her.


Esther65 - July 1

Hello dear! I am so sorry that your friend had to face this difficult situation. I knew this is so much horrible to handle this. I think in life there is nothing no happiness, no life without kids. I myself had this worst thing in my life. I personally had this treatment in this clinic. Unfortunately, no success is there. Meanwhile, now I am going to another place. Where my friend got success. I hope this time things are going to be positive and I got success. Wish me luck and baby dust.


erin_wales - July 3

Your friend has gone through really hard times. I'm very sorry for her. It's heart-wrenching and disappointing. Dear, IVF is without any doubt a good choice. But the thing matters is choosing a right clinic. Your friend may have gone through the wrong clinic. I have seen many posts reporting clinics. Clinics like Lotus and Adonis are looting people. A lot of people are scammed by them. People have shared negative views about them. Their negative behavior and nonserious attitude made me write such lines. People should be aware of them. Well, I'll recommend your friend to go for surrogacy treatment instead of IVF. A prominent clinic in Europe is offering great assistance in this regard. Wishing her all the best!


annataylor1 - July 3

Hey Martina. How are you doing? Hope so everything is all good. Well, I am feeling very sorry for your friend. And I agree that clinic is responsible for this. As IVF is an easy treatment and its success rate is very high. One of my friends also had a baby through IVF. But her clinical staff was so good and cooperative to her. And she enjoyed her experience of IVF. Dear, ask your friend not to lose hope and stay positive. Persuade her to change the clinic and once again tries for IVF. A miracle happens every day. Wish her best of luck.


lindaswank - July 3

Hey Martina. How are you? Hope so your friend is alright now. Well, my dear, I am feeling very sorry for your friend. I don't know why people do such a shameful act with an infertile couple. I really feel so sad when I came to know about this incident. These clinics are playing with the feeling of infertile couples . The government should ban these types of the clinic. Also from now people also have to be careful about choosing clinics. Thanks for making awareness. This is really appreciable.


raniaj - July 4

Thanks for sharing such useful information with us.I have experienced many bad clinics like lotus and Adonis in Europe. They are the worst clinics. They are bad in dealing with fertility issues. They behave very rudely with people. I had experience of visiting them. The way they deal with me I decided to not discuss my infertility issues with them. Because money was very important to them. They are not for the sake of humanity. So if anyone suffering from infertility. There is a good clinic in Europe also. I am getting my treatment from there. They are the best. Infertile people should go there. Trust me you won't regret your decision. Don't visit such bad clinic. Till then I wish you a very good luck.


matinajohn785 - July 4

Hey Everyone! I'm glad to see this quick response. I really thankful to all of you for your kind replies. This made her realise that she is not alone in this race. A lot of people is facing such issues. It developed motivation in me. I hope everyone dealing with such issues will get rid of it soon.


Sasha1513 - August 3

I live in Bulgaria where surrogacy is prohibited. So we have to move to another state to get to a clinic regarding surrogacy. Like you i am also looking for surrogacy. I am learning from others people experience about surrogacy. Many people here are going towards surrogacy they some experience about it. Most of the couples have gone through surrogacy so they have some experience or feedback regarding it. I am looking for some information regarding surrogacy. I am infertile and there is no such reason behind my infertility. I have been to many doctors but they can't tell the reason behind my infertility. So now i have decided to go for surrogacy. I have read from many people that Ukraine is very popular regarding surrogacy. Many people share their success stories of that clinic. I also watched some videos regarding surrogacy from that clinic. Here is the link of the youtube channel of clinic you can have a look and get some idea from there. 


AmeliaPark - August 7

Hey! I hope you are doing well. I've struggled with conception for a long period of time. I was 28 when I had my first son. After that, I wanted baby number two but the process became impossible for me. My doctor told me that I should adopt or go for surrogacy. It was a good option but I wanted to carry my own child. However, my situation was very critical and I had to pick surrogacy. I knew I was going for surrogacy but the problem was finding reliable clinics. I didn't know where to go or what to do. I had heard about a clinic in Ukraine a lot from different people so I visited them. Luckily they registered me for surrogacy. I was very worried in the beginning but they handled me with a lot of care and it turned out to be one of my best decisions. All my queries were answered and everything before the registration. I'm glad that you too are here trying to help many confused women like I was once. Women should always support other women, more power to you!



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