No Fetal Pole At 7 Wks 4 Days PG

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tweetiepie - February 20

Hello I had a scan today and no HB was seen. My HCG levels are 9,300 but my progesterone keeps dropping even though Im on Cyclogest 3 x a day plus Gestone Injections - 1 a night. Im really worried - is it normal not to see a HB at this stage? I think I may have ovulated late - about 3 wks into my cycle - so hoping its just very early. My LMP was 29 Dec - so according to that Im 7 wks + 4 days. But I must be much less. The Dr did see a sac and a yolk - does anyone know about sac sizes??? Mine measures 11mm x 10 x 14mm. What does it mean - does this sound good to u? How old so u think a sac this size is?? Tweetiepie xx


DownbutnotOUT - February 20

hey tweety, so sorry your going through this. Usually at 6+ weeks a fetal pole should be seen, Im not sure on what sac sizes should be. i would get my HCG levels checked about 2-3 days after the first HCG test to see if its doubling. It is possible you ovulated way late and implanted late and are not as far along as you should be when it comes to your LMP. take care tweetiepie


tweetiepie - February 23

Just an update for anyone that this info might be helpful. Exactly a week later I had a scan and now they can see the fetal pole 2mm and next week I will have another scan to see if there is a HB. I have been told that my dates from LMP say that Im 8 weeks - but the pregnancy is 6 weeks - so depending on ovulation/implantation you cannot always rely on your LMP dates - dont loose hope yet. Downbutnotout - thanks for your message!!!! It all makes sense now when I think that I ovulated late!! Thanks hun xx


jess_5985 - February 23

hi, I am going through, THE EXACT same thing, but I don't go back to find anything til the 5th. I hope my story is as good as yours. I hope everything works out.


tweetiepie - March 8

Hello. Just a quick update. I had another scan today and definitely no HB and no development - from LMP I am 10 wks today so even if I ovulated late I still should be at least7 wks now. So Im going to arrange to have a D&C in the next few days. Thanks for your support ...


DownbutnotOUT - March 8

tweetiepie I am so so sorry for your loss, have you had your HCG levels checked? I dont mean to give false hope but many women didnt get HBs till 9 weeks. HCG levels are alot more accurate and I would use it to make dang sure that there was no chance. I had a missed m/c in May 2006 and I made dang sure it was over, though I had bleeding and pa__sing clots, I had a repeat u/s and my HCG taken 48 hours apart. Once again sorry and take care.


tweetiepie - March 9

Hi Downbutnot out, I have another scan today - on the NHS so, I will ask them if I can have a blood test done for HCG ... I will see what they say .... the thing is I had my last scan on the NHS 2 weeks ago when they saw a yolk sac ... so there should see something more today ... if they don't see enough ... then Im sure this is not a viable pg .... Todays scan will be just to reconfimr what we already know .... But I know what you mean -- you just want to make sure ... but surely the fetal pole should have developed since 2 weeks ... but it hasnt.


tweetiepie - March 17

Just to close this chapter - I had a D&C today. No HB again and no develpment. We are getting Karyotype testing (chromosome testing done) to see if there is anything going wrong with our pg's as this is our 2nd mc ... I thought Id just update this for the benefit of anyone else in a similar situation. D&C was ok ... already feeling better. Good luck to you all. xxxx



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