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Tara - July 17

I went to the dr last thurs. and they did ultrasound, saw the baby but no heartbeat. I am supposedly 10 weeks but the baby showed 7 weeks and 5 days.... the dr said it wasn't growing as much as she expected and that it possibly died. I am totally devastated but trying to hold on to a little hope, they did bloodworks on my hcg that day and will do tmw and wed. to see if it arises and if not, I am sceduled for D&C. Please, anyone tell me, if you have gone thru that before and later found a heartbeat???


Elizabeth - July 17

I just went through this two weeks ago but I lost my baby a week later. I hope that things work out for you.


to tara - July 18

tara i am so sorry. If it is 10 weeks since your last period started 7 weeks 5 days is too big a difference in dates from that, and also with no heartbeat it does sound like your baby has pa__sed away i am so very sorry.


Tara - July 18

Thank you guys......if the baby did actually died, why am I still having the symtoms, b___st soreness, having to pee alot and have clear, white discharge? I thought all that would gone by now.


to tara - July 18

Tara the pregnancy hormones can remain in your body for weeks after you miscarry. When I miscarried I was still having morning sickness right up to my first scan which revealed our baby had died 2 weeks earlier and had no heartbeat. I was still feeling pregnant but unfortunately that is normal. A week after the miscarriage they tested me with a pregnancy test to check if my levels were down to 0 yet and they weren't and it wasn't until another week later when they tested me again that I tested as not pregnant. I'm really sorry but still having pregnancy symptoms after a baby has died is very normal your body takes time for the hormones to go back down again. I know someone who had a blighted ovum so the baby never even developed there was just an empty pregnany sac but she still had lots of symptoms as the hormones don't come from the baby itself they come from the placenta tissue so even though her baby wasn't there she still had symptoms. I really am sorry.


Elizabeth - July 18

I never did feel badly or anything the week I waited for my body to do its job. I still felt pregnant and still had the little bit of morning sickness that I had always had. Then all of a sudden it happened. I am sorry for your loss. I am still dealing with mine. It has only been a week.


sandy - July 19

i have never had that problem .. but i have had a miscarriage and i have also lost a 6 day old baby to a heart defect .. and if you need any one to talk to my email is [email protected]


jessie - July 20

no but i'm in that same situation 10wks fetus measured 8wks5days no heartbeat.


to tara - July 28

am sorry i am going through the same thing right now 7/28/05 am so scared but i already had a miscarriage also i hope we work things out


Amy - July 29

I am going through the same thing right now ultrasound shows no heart beat but my hcg levels are still high and I was told 3 days ago no heart beat. My doctor is no giving up hope though. I am having 1 more ultrasound next week. to chek to be 100%. I know this is very hard. hang in there. Keep your faith.


rachel - July 29

I had a D&C last Thursday. Same thing happened to me no heartbeat. They are pretty good at what they do, I'm sure they wouldn't schedule you for a D&C unless they were 100% sure. My baby was supposed to be 12 weeks and was only developed to 8. I've been living with this for over a week now and it still hurts a lot. My baby is posted on my website under my blog on


heidi - October 18

i was told last thursday at my 18 week routine u/s that there was no heart beat .they sent me to hospital and i had to be induced to give birth the next day 14.10.05 .my baby had pa__sed away at 14 weeks 6 days.i am so depressed i just cant understand it ,i still feel like my baby is moving with in me. so sorry that this has happened to you .



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