No Heartbeat And Smaller Fetus

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med - May 19

I should be 9 weeks pregnant. However, I went for u/s yesterday (may 18) and there were two fetus, but 6 weeks and showed no heartbeat. I am going again next week, but my doctor said the chances are very poor and prepared me for miscarriage. Has anyone had similar experience? Please share your experience with me. I am extremely worried and tensed. This is my first pregnancy and I was so elated. But now my hopes are all shattered and I feel numb. I have had no cramping or bleeding whatsoever.


Bobbie Jo - May 19

I know how you feel! I went to the dr for my first ultrasound at 10 weeks. My husband and I have struggled to get pregnant. We spent a lot of money to get pregnant with donor insemination because of my husbands hereditary issues. At the ultrasound the baby only developed to 3 weeks. We were heart broken. I lost the baby soon after. I really hope your situation turns out differently!


med - May 19

Thanks for your response Bobbie. I ams orry things did not turn out well for you. But do not lose hope and keep trying. Things will turn out good one day. I am still very confused about my situation. My HCG levels seem to be fine as I see a really strong positive pregnancy test still. I know that is very subjective though. Did you undergo DC or it was natural ? I am surprised it can take 7 weeks for the body to accept the pregnancy is not going well.


Bobbie - May 20

I didn't have a d&c. I let nature take it's course. I didn't have to wait very long after we found out. It was only a couple of days.But I was uncomfortable for almost two weeks. It wasn't much fun. I felt pregnant right up until the day I lost the pregancy. I think being confused and worried goes with being pregnant. Atleast it did for me. I was sure I was pregnant then I took two at home tests. Both were negative but then my blood test came out positive. I don't know if there was a problem with my HCG levels or what happened. I just know I don't want to go through the same thing again. It will probably be a couple more months before we can try again. My husband needs surgery so we are putting it off until after he recovers. Could your conception date be later than you thought? Maybe that's too easy. I'm sure your dr. has thought of that. It's not unusual to have not showed a heartbeat yet. Sometimes it takes awhile. Everybody is different. I hope your ultrasound goes well. Let me know how things go.


med - May 28

On my second u/s everything was same as before. No progress and I have been scheduled for D and C too. I havent lost naturally yet. I am trying to cope with the situation.


Bobbie - May 28

I'm sorry Med. I know how hard it is. It sucks! There really nothing I can say to make you feel any better. I am still getting people asking me how I am feeling because they think I'm still pregnant. I guess word traveled fast that I was pregnant and then stopped when I miscarried. It's still really hard to listen to people talk. I hate it when they say "Oh you can try again". Nothing can replace that first pregnancy and the baby you wanted so badly. It does get easier though. We found out that one of the nurses that takes care of my husband at dialysis is expecting very close to our due date. It scared her to death when we lost our baby and she didn't tell anyone she was pregnant until last week. I'm trying not to be jeolous. but it's not easy. I hate walking through the mall and seeing pregnant 16 year olds. It still hurts. If you need to talk you can email me hang in there.


teejay - June 7

I just bad news from my wife that, she 's having the same problem like yours. Can someone out there pls tell me why this happens: 1. Is it because smoking? 2. Is depression one of the cause of it? 3.My wife was not happy and emotinally distressed when she found out that she's pregnant, is this the cause? 4. I'm total loss now, trying to search for an answer. I'm soo happy to be a father and now I think I'm a loss..


Bobbie - June 7

There is no answer as to why it happens. I drove myself nuts with the same questions. It just happens. Something was wrong with the baby that is just incompatible with life. At least that's what I was told. I know it isn't much help. I thought the same thing. I really can't give you an explaination. I can tell you that many expectant mothers have smoked and been depressed and carried there child to term. You and your wife can't blame yourselves it will just eat you up inside. The child you lost wouldn't want that. I like to think that my child is in a better place and I'll know him or her someday. Maybe someday we'll have the answers. Hang in there!


teejay - June 8

tq bobbie. i went with my wife to the hospital today. The doc did explain that it may due to genetic problem(50%) or other unexplainable causes(50%). I tihnk I do agree with you that we need to move on with life. Take care & May God bless all..


TJ - June 8

...I have been doing a lot of research on the net and have come to the conclusion that I killed my unborn child. Last year in May I found out I was pregnant. I went in for an ultrasound and there was my baby. He/she had a strong heartbeat and was moving around like a little jumping bean. I was sooooo happy. After trying for 4 years this was my miracle baby. I was schedule for another appointment at 10 weeks (4 weeks) later for my 4 week checkup. The nurse took out her little fetal heartbeat doppler and placed it on my stomach. She did not find the heartbeat so I was sent over for another ultrasound. It was then that my world came tumbling down. I was told there was no heartbeat and that there was a sac but no baby. HOW COULD THIS BE? I had just seen my little miracle 4 weeks earlier. My doctor told me that the baby had died during those 4 weeks and had dissolved. I was scheduled for a D&C. I was in denial so I went for a second opinion. The second doctor concurred with the first doctor. He said there was a gestational sac and the yolk sac but no baby and that the baby had dissolved. So, I went ahead and had the D&C. Now, after doing all of the research I have been doing, I have seen that if you have a tilted uterus, it is sometimes hard to see the baby. How can a baby just dissappear? Have any of you ever had this happen?


Bobbie - June 8

TJ I have heard of it happening that way. There are a lot of message boards with women who have been through the same thing. It's like vanishing twin syndrome the fetus is obsorbed into the body. All I can say is you didn't kill your baby. If they could see the yolk sac and gestational sac then they would have seen the fetus inside if it was still there. You did everything you could with two dr's opinions. Stop beating yourself up. You've been through enough. I hope that you will be able to conceive again soon. Or that adoption is in your future.


TJ - June 8

That's funny you say that because my husband and I were talking about adopting a baby just days before I found out I was pregnant this last time.


Bobbie - June 8

Good Luck TJ with whatever you decide!


Wendy - June 9

I am going through the same thing. I had two u/s 3 days ago and both showed 6 week development with no heartbeat. I have yet to feel cramps or bleeding. Even though this would be my second child, I know exactly where you are at. You are not alone.


Bobbie - June 9

I had a hard day today. It seems like everyone I know who is pregnant is going to be due very close to when I was to give birth. It suckes! My husband goes to dialysis and one of the nurses is due very close to our old due date. It's bad enough that he's on dialysis but now it's even more difficult. When we look at her we think of the pregnancy we missed out on. When she gives birth we'll be watching the child and thinking of the one we missed out on. I'm happy for her but I wish it was me too.


georgette - June 14

Hi I am also 8 weeks pregnant and my doctor told me the same thing. I still feel nauseas I have no bleeding , cramping or discomfort, peolple tell me that the baby may be too samall, but I am also very worried, to the point where I don't want to have a second sonogram untill 2 more weeks. I know exactly what you are going through!



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