No Heartbeat At 5 Weeks

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Andria - October 28

I just got back from the doctor who told me we were first pregnant. I was elated. This would be our second child. Anyways after the ultrasound the doctor was not able to detect a heartbeat. He said that I should prepare myself for a miscarriage. Everything else was going along but no heartbeat. He is going to check again next week. I am very worried and wondering if anyone has ever run into this situation and the heartbeat was heard at a later date. Could the doctor be off on his calculations as to how far along I really am? Someone please answer.


hi andria - October 28

ultrasound usually does not pick up a heartbeat until about 6-7 weeks so try not to worry to much.


E - October 28

Do not worry sweety. The previous poster is completely correct:) All will be fine.


Nicole - October 31

Ditto! Same thing happened with my pregnancy...and a little beating heart was detected at 6.5 weeks. My doctor said that by 5 weeks you should see a sac, by 6 weeks you should at least see a yolk sac, and by 7 weeks you should be able to see a heartbeat :0) Dont worry...everything is fine :0)


Clare - October 31

The same thing happened to my friend - they didn't detect a heartbeat until she was 9 weeks!


della - November 4

the same thing happened to me when i was 5wks but dont worry it is still early i got a heartbeat 2wks later at 7wks


Susan - November 4

I'm in the same situation, my doctor did a sono at 5.5 weeks, no heart beat, we just did another yesterday which they are saying 6.5 weeks, same heart beat. I'm very worried too! By some of your other answers, I also think there is hope. I feel fine, no spotting and I'm not willing to give up! Remember our dates could be off, give it some time...and don't give up too soon.


Carrie - November 9

I am also expecting. I am sure I am 6 weeks, 2 days pregnant, but today's first appointment and ultrasound dated me at 5 weeks. The doctor could find a gestational sac and said the size was perfect for 5 weeks, and that we should come in again next week to give it some time and we would check again. I just experienced a loss in September, and I am very concerned. I wasn't sad and worried until later today as it's all sunk in. I felt disappointed when I left the office and a bit stunned and negative, but now am feeling downright negative and depressed. Sure this one too will end soon. I am not much help to you. Please post again and let us know what happens and whether they find a beat the next time you go in. I will be praying for you. Please remember me as well, and all others in similar circ_mstance. Love, Carrie


Lindsey - November 17

Hi Andria, I'm in exactly the same boat and worrying like mad. I went for a scan last friday and was told I was 5 weeks - they could see a gestation sac & yolk sac but could not pick up a heart beat. They said it is really too early so I am going back in two weeks for another scan. I am scared though as I had a miscarriage in August and worried the same thing is going to happen as I did have mild cramps and slight spotting the week before I found out I was pregnant just like I had before. I'm just keeping everything crossed and just praying its ok. Good luck!


eyebeeablessing2u - November 17

I found this reply on and thought it should be posted here... Ultrasound: When can it detect baby's heartbeat? I had an ultrasound at six weeks but it couldn't detect a fetal heartbeat. My doctor said you should be able to detect the heartbeat by six weeks. I've read it "could," not should, be detected by six weeks. Should I be concerned? Peg Plumbo Peg Plumbo has been a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) since 1976 and has a__sisted at over 1,000 births. I sympathize with all of the uncertainty you must be feeling. While I cannot give you absolutes, I can offer general findings on ultrasound and detection of fetal well-being early in gestation. A normal intrauterine pregnancy may be demonstrated by abdominal "pulse echo sonograpy" after only four to five weeks since the last menstrual period (LMP) -- about the same time that most urine tests turn positive. After six weeks, the small white gestational ring is so characteristic that failure to identify it raises doubts about the pregnancy. By careful scanning, distinct echoes from the embryonic poles can be demonstrated within the gestational ring by seven weeks after the last period. Fetal heart must be observed by the eighth week, or the pregnancy is in serious doubt. If the gestational sac appears to be absent, undefined, is unusually small or there are no echoes from the fetus at eight weeks LMP, then it is most likely a blighted ovum (a product of conception that never made it). Vaginal ultrasound is better at detecting very early pregnancy, so if the next one is questionable, I would seek that option. A small probe is placed in the v____a and the ultrasound is done in this manner. Nothing goes through the cervix, however. Take heart, it is too early to worry, but ask about the gestational sac next time as well. I hope all goes well for you.


Ame - November 17

I am barely 5 weeks pregnant as well and have had 2 m/c in the past year. My ultrasound detected the sac, but no baby or heart beat. The doctor told me they thought I was further along, and it was too early to detect any baby or heart beat. She is doing another u/s in a week. I am so nervous I can barely stand it. I am trying not to stress out, but it's so hard. I understand what you are going through. I will keep you all in my prayers and thoughts.


Jeannie - November 17

Hi. I know how you feel. I'm at 7 weeks and still no heartbeat AND I've had spotting since Friday. My doctor said my HCG was high enough for the size of the fetus (I checked - it's low but in the ok range) but this is driving me around the bend. I was told by several gynos that I have a tipped uterus and wonder if that could be causing the trouble with seeing the heartbeat? But then again, the spotting is hardly rea__suring. I wish you all well - here's to all of us having healthy babies.


brandi - November 22

my dr told me that the earliest to detect a heart beat would be flat 6 week, no earlier. don't sweat it, it could just be too early to see one.


tanya - November 25

it is normal for you to be impatient about hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time but we all have to wait until the 7 weeks or more depending on the mothers size. don't worry you'll hear that amazing sound soon.


Sandra - December 2

I have 2 beautiful daughters age 3.5 and 1.5 and with the first pregnancy unable to hear the hb until 9 weeks via vag u/s. With my second pregnancy the hb was viewed sooner. Now I am 10 w 5 d pregnant with my third and 2 days ago my first vag u/s showed no hb. I am devastated as I show no other signs of problem or miscarriage. My doc says I measure small at around 9 weeks and thinks the baby died around that time. There was only one date that I could have gotten pregnant so this my dates have to be accurate. I am scheduled for a procedure tomorrow that will remove his tiny body from mine and am desperately searching for answers or some way the docs can be wrong. My research has lead me to believe that if no hb by 9 weeks then there will never be one but by 5 weeks it is still very VERY early so don't give up. I wish all you ladies well in your pregnancies and pray that you all have happy healthy babies. Unfortunately it is not going to happen for me this time.


Keri, Dallas - December 6

According to the first day of my last period I should be about 8 weeks, although when I went in a week ago for an ultra sound it measured me a 5 weeks w/ no heart beat. The doctor said not to worry because my dates could be wrong and the difference in development from an ultra sound done two weeks earlier was on pace and it was just too early to hear a heart beat. Don't worry and shame on your doc for telling you to prepare for a miscarriage!!


Rabecca - December 6

I too am having the same issue. I had a miscarriage in June, went on clomid for 3 months, got pregnant. I went into the doctor today and no heartbeat and I am barely 6 weeks. It is difficult to remain upbeat and positive since I went through a miscarriage recently and am scared. But in reading all the other postings it does sound very encouraging. Really try to focus on positive thoughts. I believe the power of positive thinking will only help matters.



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