No Heartbeat No Yoke Sac

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Allison - December 2

I am supposed to be at 8W and u/s been showing only 6W1D for more than two weeks now no heartbeat no yoke sac I go back for another u/s in 4 days having a really hard time dealing with the waiting and the not knowing Is this common? can someone help me? I'm going out of my mind


Onyshia - August 21

have you had another us as of yet?


Allison - September 1

I'm supposed to be 6 weeks, had a u/s didn't see anything. Haven't had another one yet. I'm with you on the going out of your mind thing:) I feel the same way. Hang in there.


Jodie - September 12

Allison, I am suppose to be 8w5d but my sac is measuring 6w. There is no heartbeat or pole in the sac either. Blood work didnt come out on my side either. I started bleeding today, brownish and was so sick all weekend. I called the Dr, have an appointment in the morning. They think I am starting to miscarry. This was my first pregnancy, we were so excited. I understand the waiting game, its crazy. Can drive someone crazy. My aunt went through some what of the same thing a few years ago and the advice she gave me was to 'take it as easy as possible, eat a whole chocolate cake if you want, get some ice cream too. :) If you want to be grouchy... be grouchy.. people understand.' I know its kind of odd advice. But it has helped somewhat. I had my best friend explain things to my other friends, and I havent really talked to anyone. Just kind of dealing with this as best I can. Hang in there.. There are a lot of us out there who understand what you are going through. If I am really having a miscarriage, then I dont have to go for the dnc later in the week. She said the sickness this weekend was more than likely my hormones going back to normal. Its heartbreaking..but you deal with it the best way you know how. I will keep you in my thoughts...


ashley - September 12

i had the same thing happen to me. thank the lord im due in five weeks.the dr sent me too early for my u/s. they said i was 8 weeks but i really was only 6. usually there not supposed to even send you for a u/s until your 3rd month. a couple days can make a big difference. how are your hcg levels? keep your head up i know its hard not worrying. but make sure they keep checking your levels, and there increasing



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