No Morning Sickness

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Sharyn - January 7

I am 41 and in my 6th week of pregnancy but I am not experiencing any signs of morning sickness. It this normal?


Sunny - January 7

Hey Sharyn- I read that 50% of women get morning sickness...and 50% don't! Some get it right away, and others may have nothing and be hit with it during their 2nd trimester. As long as you are having a doctor follow up on your progress, such as keeping track of your HcG levels, don't worry if you don't have every single symptom- every pregnancy is different. And by the way, morning sickness for some isn't just in the can strike you at any time! Congratulations.


Roberta - January 7

Hi Sharyn, congrats girl! I've never had morning sickness - (3 miscarriages, 1 successful pregnancy). My co-worker has never had morning sickness ( 2 successful pregnancies). Don't worry about a thing - enjoy it! I heard morning sickness is brutal! I'm pregnant again and no morning sickness again!


annie - January 14

my mother had 4 healthy babies and did not have morning sickness on any of us.


Kathy - January 21

Hi Sharyn, Just interested to know if you've experienced any morning sickness yet? Like you, at 6 weeks - so far I haven't had any morning sickness! I'm wondering if I will at all this time round. With my 1st baby I was so so sick pretty much from conceptionand until the end of the 1st timester!! Feeling great, seems strange....


Sharyn - January 21

Dear Kathy, I'm now in my 8th week and still no morning sickness. I do get a tiny bit nauseous over certain smells but that is really it. I really appreciate all the replies I've received. I'm not sure if this message will get back to all of you or not. I hope so!!!


Hazel - January 30

Hi!, I am 7 weeks pregnant with my fifth child. Have had 4 boys, with each pregnancy had morning sickness worse with each one. I usually started with it at 6 weeks, but with this pregnancy it feels VERY strange not to have any morning sickness whatsoever! :-). I hope you will stay morning sickness free also! :-).



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