No Pregnancy Symptoms

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Krista - February 29

Hi. I am just over 13 weeks pregnant with my first child. For the past week I have not felt any of the normal pregnancy symptoms except for mild cramping. Last week I went to the doctor and heard the heartbeat and the fetus was moving around activly. I have seen no spotting or any blood at all since I found out I was pregnant. Is it normal to be cramping around this point of the trimester? Or should I see the doctor about this?


keisha - September 23

i really dont know


monique - September 24

I dpn't know, but that is great that the baby is doing fine, and you are not having symptoms, how blessed you are. but as long as you cramping is not accompanied with lower back pain and the cramps are not severe with blood. God bless!


Tisha - November 10

I was pregnant but i thought i had a miscarriage, didn't go to the doctor but now i dont know if i am or not i would be 4 months but i have no symptoma


Christine - November 11

Tisha take a hpt...if you are anywhere's near 4 month it is 100 sure to come out positive...You need to find out asap


candice - November 11

I am 14 weeks pregnant ans i'm blessed to have NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL. My baby is fine, very active and very strong heartbeat. i don't think everybody gets sick.Consider yourself lucky


Sarina - November 21

I am 9 wks and for the first 6wks or so I experienced no symptoms and low HCG levels plus continuous brown discharge. Now I am sick all day, the discharge has abated, and the baby is growing strong. Some women have no symptoms at all. Consider it a blessing.


Ariel - November 27

OMG woman who have no symptoms are SOOOOOOOOOOO LUCKY!!!!!!! I started having morning sickness at 5 weeks, i mean SEVER morning sickness where i threw up every single day, i couldnt eat right, i couldnt even take prenatal vitamins cuz it would make me sick, when i was throwing up i was extrememly nauseas, I would cry everyday cuz i wanted the nausea to just GO AWAY!, this continuted until i was about 22 weeks, im 33 weeks now and started feeling nauseas again, no vomiting though and not at as bad as in the beginning, and now i have really bad hearburn :(. Not everyone gets symptoms, and those who dont should really consider themselves lucky and just enjoy their pregnancy:)


Beccy - December 11

I am 10 weeks pregnnat and asymptomatic...except for everyday fatigue...We are just one of the fortunate ones.Good Luck with your pregnancy.


Megan - December 28

My doctor told me that slight bleeding was ok, slight cramping was ok. He told me to call him if I had cramping AND bleeding combined, but that I would be fine otherwise. So I wouldn't worry too much! A lot of times the cramping is caused by the uterus growing and the muscles stretching. The "round" muscles around your uterus will start to give you weird (normal) pains too. I'm just saying what my doctor said (my daughter is a beautiful, healthy 2 year old) but it's always nice to check with your own doctor. They never mind the calls. Better to be rea__sured and calmed than to stress out -- that's worse for the baby. Good luck!


megan - January 25

i dont know if i'm pregnant yet i know i sleeply sometime and i been sick for a while i dont be hungry a lot but my belly tummy do .can a cold be a symptoma ssometimes.


yvette - October 27

can you still get your period if your pregnant?



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