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ann - December 7

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have not experienced any pregnacy symptoms. I don't go to the doctor for the first time until I am 10 weeks. Should I be worried?


A - December 7

oh that should be ok. i just began most of my symptoms and I am 7 weeks. It will vary with each pregnancy and with each woman. Congrats on your new pregnancy, i bet you're excited!


Anna - December 7

I didn't have any pregnancy symtoms at all during my first pregnancy...but my second pregnancy made up for that Count yourself Blessed....Congrats


juennifer - January 26

Congrats on your pregnancy.This is my fifth pregnancy.The last 2 ended in m/c but i had a lot of symptoms with those.This pregnancy I havent had any symptoms at all.Not all women are the same.I told my doctors nurse bout me not havin any she said ssshhhh count urself lucky lol dont say anymore you might jinx yourself and then have all kinds of symptoms.So i havent said anymore bout it lol.Just sit back and enjoy the ride.Good luck


jamis - May 2

wait till you go to the doctor


annie, - June 3

i am not sure if i am pregent or not, havent took a test but was wondering could some symtoms be discharge? i was just wondering and i have been off my pills for a week now could that cause that too.


Adriana - June 8

I think you should go to the doctor and find out what is wong.


darcell - June 22

if i had s_x the day after my period can i get pregnant


gemma - July 8

i aint neither and i havent been to the doctors but myolder sister said it nuthink to worry about


kedda - August 14

can an increase of appet_te be an sign of pregnancyalso feeling sleepy after each meal or snack


confused - August 17

I feel like I am pregnant, but I have had regular periods. (Three full days and one slow one.) My mom had small periods during her pregnacies with me and my brother. Should I get a test, or am I just kidding my self.


tasha - August 22

i had my cycle but only stayed on for 3days but didn't bleed as much and my lower back hurts and been sick in the stomach and nauesa


JaCe - December 6

I dont' think you should be worried about anything unless you didn't tell anyone yet. If you didn't you should tell them right away.



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