No Yolk Sack In 6 Weeks

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flower - June 13

Hi, i had 3 miscarriages, and last month end i got a positive pregnancy.Right now its 6weeks and 3 days.Doctor took the va___al ultrasound today and found no yolk sack.He said it looks gray,and told me to check the HCG. Does anybody know about it? I am so scared.I have tipped uterus.


Breaking_Heart - July 6

Hey, I have a similar situation right now I am 6 weeks to date and I had a scan and there was no visible yolk sack at all. I was told that it would either result in a miscarriage or i was just not as far along as I thought, I am confused as well as my dates are perfect.


littlenurse73 - July 11

Flower and Breaking_Heart: I had some light bleeding on the evening of June 29th and called for an appt right away the next morning. I had an ultrasound that afternoon and they told me it was an empty sac or blighted ovum. First though they wanted to know if I was sure about dates which I was. I should have been 10 1/2 weeks. From everything I've read on here, I've learned that there should be for sure a heartbeat at 7 weeks. I would get a repeat ultrasound in a week. If there would still be nothing visible at that point then I would expect the worst. Sorry that you are going through this........


LaurenKaylyn17 - July 13

The first ultrasound that I had the RN told me couldn't see the yolk sac. However, the baby had a heartbeat of 150 and was moving everything looked fine, I think was around 10-12 weeks then. I am now 18 weeks pregnant and I went in to see my doc. the machine we needed to use was already in use but we got to hear the heartbeat with a doppler everything seemed fine. She didn't tell me anything sounded abnormal or looked bad, I go in for another ultrasound in a little over a week. I also have a tilted/tipped uterus... and I had a miscarriage about three years ago. Well.... if I found out any info. you haven't been told I'll be sure to keep you posted. Good luck <3



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