Nonviable Pregnancy With Increasing Hcg Levels

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JessC531 - June 5

I'm so glad I found this website. I am freaking out after going to the doctor last Tuesday. I was supposed to be 6w1d, and they saw a gestational sac and yolk sac but no fetal pole. The doctor told me she thought I was going to miscarry. She took blood though, and called Wednesday to tell me that at the levels my hormones were (52,000) she should have seen a fetus. So she told me to wait to pass the tissue, but that if I didn't by the end of next week I'd have to have a d&c. I wanted to do more blood, so I did on Friday, and now this morning the nurse called and told me my levels were 81,000 (which is not quite doubling but it was only 2 1/2 days later) and that she is confused by this. So I have to wait for the doctor to call on Monday. I was so excited, then totally crushed, and now I'm afraid to get back any little bit of hope. I so badly want this pregnancy to be ok - it's our first and we were so excited - but I really don't want to be crushed again. I don't know how I'm going to make it until Monday - and I'm sure I won't even get any real answers then. I know for sure I will not do a d&c. I still feel very pregnant - my nausea has actually been worse in the past few days - and I haven't had any bleeding. What do you think???


Guest - June 5

Wow..those seem like very good hcg levels..and the fact they are still increasing is a good sign...I would get a second opinion immediately..go to a walk in clinic get some more blood work to again check your hcg..and tell them your concerns and that you would like another ultrasound..remember it's your life..your baby.For Me, I would have to know for 6 weeks things are often just to small ofr the ultrasound tech to see...if you are not experiencing any miscarriage symptoms that too is a good sign..I am no doctor but I think a second opinion is in order..Bets of Luck!!


Joker - June 6

Hi Jess, I think you should wait and see what happens..or get a second opinion. Is there any harm to you if you wait? 6 weeks is way too early. You just have to think about everything..who did the ultrasound..was it your ob/gyn or an ultrasound tech? How experience is that person with reading ultrasounds? What type of ultrasound did they do..there are different levels...there are ones that give you more when you see a just wait a little. Doctors may know a lot about the human body and development but they don't know everything. I know it is hard to hang in there and here people tell you to have faith/hope. Just give everything time and hopefully everything will work out for the best. don't let your doctor push you to do a D&C, at the end of the day you are just his/her patient. You make sure you know all the facts and you are certain about the decision you make.


Lynne - June 7

Get a second opinion on this. Doctors are human and do make mistakes so I would definitely get a second opinion.


kee - June 12

HCG can rise in a failed pregnancy. its unfortunately not that kind of indicator. its mainly that if hcg is not rising at a certain rate and is really slow, its very ominous. but just because hcg is rising normally doesnt mean pregnancy is ok. I am VERY VERY Sorry but theres a reasonably good chance you dont have a viable pregnancy. it may not have ever been normal. may have been a blighted ovum where the fetus is never developing but the sac grows. and your body produces all the pregnancy hormones so nausea will persist. people can go a long time with a nonviable pregnancy. if your pregnancy has been correctly dated, in a week you should see a heartbeat. you should know definitively. In this event I do recommend a D&C. I know its sterile, I went through it. but the problem with natural miscarriage is you can leave over tissue and then need a D&C anyway. Please remember how common miscarriage is and overwhelmingly women who miscarry go on to have normal full term pregnancies. I am very sorry if this is the case for you.



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