Not Growing After 6w

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sg746895 - April 14

My wife is pregnant and everything seemed to be okay - saw the GS at 5 weeks, and heartbeat and pole at 6wk. But since then the fetus is not growing. For the past 2 weeks the fetus is at 6w CRL, and the heartbeat is "faint". What does this mean? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks G


Kristin72 - April 18

I would wait things out unless you she is having severe cramping or bright red spotting..have an additional ultrasound if you can, or check your hcg levels..Heartbeats tend to be very faint at that age anyway...I wouldn't pay to close attention to the size until a later ultrasound..Make another appointment with your doctor and he will requistion more tests if necessary. Remain positive...if a miscarriage is inevitable she will begin to cramp and spot and there is nothing that can be done. Just tell your wife to drink lots of fluids (this aids in blood flow to the placenta, rest and take it easy and try not to stress. I wish you both best of luck! Kristin


josita - May 7

I went in for an US at what I thought was my 9th week. The nurse measured the fetus at 6 wks with a fhb of 80. This was last Thursday. I am scheduled for another US next week and I hate this waiting. It is killing me. I have had no spotting and no cramping. I just feel awful and wake up worried everyday. I don't know what to do and have read a few threads that both seem encouraging and discouraging... its a waiting game. I have also heard of missed miscarriages - which scares me alot since I have had no symptoms of miscarriage. any advice?


Chas - May 7

Hi Josita, I know it is so hard to wait. i went through it and it's hard. I wish you luck. I also saw my baby at 9 wks 3 days from lmp. It had a heartrate of 116, but the baby was so small the machine couldn't even measure it yet, so they went with six weeks because that is when the machine will start to pick up. The tech said it was only as big as a grain of rice! I knew in my heart it should have been much bigger, but with the heartbeat I thought we were fine. A week later I woke up one morning spotting, followed by the worst cramps ever. I had a "missed abortion" and had to have a d&c. It was a terrible disappointment, but I am better now and we are starting to try again. It is hard, but I think somehow it will make me stronger. I hope you go on to have a healthy pregnancy... I just wanted to tell you my story. Good luck and I will keep you in my prayers.



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