Nuchal Translucency Screening

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larsona - February 28

This last Monday I went in for the NT screening, so excited to finally see my baby for the first time. I was supposed to be 12 weeks, but they said I was 11 weeks 2 days after they checked the baby. The ultrasound took about an hour because my baby was being uncooperative and he wouldn't turn so they could measure his neck. I was in such a daze as I watched the baby that I didn't even notice her suddenly make a measurement and then leave the room. The sonographer than came in with another tech to look at the screen and then left the room. Then they both came in with the prenatal doctor who suddenly started telling me my baby was at risk. A normal measurement is 3mm, while my baby's was a 5.7. Neither me nor my husband have any type of chromosomal abnormaliities that run in the family, and we are both still pretty young (I'm 27, my husband is 25). I couldn't help but break down and cry; it all happened so suddenly. They also pointed out some cystic fibromas on my babys skin, which was also an indicator of problems, yet they barely discussed exactly what that means. They did say it could be nothing, though they made it seem like my baby was doomed. I had to then meet with a genetic counselor and was quickly asked to make the decision to get a CVS performed. My husband and I figured we wanted to be prepared. The odds are against us it seems. Though over and over again, I have heard multiple stories about these tests being inaccurate and wrong. Have any of you experienced this, and what was your outcome? I am clinging onto any hope possible and am confident the baby will be healthy, however I will love it with every fiber in my being, regardless of what may become. I just want to hear from other people who have experienced this type of mayhem. It has completely turned my world upside down. Sometimes I feel like I'm not even pregnant anymore, like its all just been taken away. I would love to hear from those who have been there before. Thank you!


Shenaanna - March 2

I had a level two ultrasound done 2/25/08 to check for down syndrome. I took the quad screen and it came back postive for down's. The quad screen just like the ultrasound are tests that are not definitive. If you want to get a definitive answer regarding your baby, request an amniocentesis. My ultrasound showed that the baby's femus length was abnormal. This is one of 23 measurements that they use to further determine your chances of having a baby with down's. The doctor told me not to worry and that it could be that the baby's cartilage has not turned to bony matter as of yet. Even if he didnt tell me that, I wasnt going to worry anyway. I leave my troubles with God. So try to relax these tests are not the final say.



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