O Blood And No Anti D Jab Whats The Risk Factor

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Creedy66 - March 11

I didnt have the anti-d injection after my last baby 11 years ago. I really want to try again but am scared becasue i have o- blood and am worried that there is a risk after not having the jab. Does anyone know if it would be safe to get pg or not.


Kristin72 - March 12

Are you talking about rhogam? I am O- also and have had rhogam after my pregnancies and miscarriages. If you have Rh- blood than it is essential to get rhogam whenever your blood could be mixed with your baby. If your baby has the same blood type it is not necessary but without knowing, it is done for precautionary measures so you will not become rh sensitized and affect future pregnancies. A simple blood test will tell you if you are carry the antibodies. Good luck! P.S. what do you mean by jab?


Creedy66 - March 13

It sounds like we may be talking about the same thing. I live in Wales so it's just probably called something different here. We use the word 'jab' instead of injection. I think i shall talk to my GP about having a blood test done. thanks BTW my name is Kristen


sahmof3 - March 13

Do you know your dh's/partner's blood type? If he is negative as well, it shouldn't be a problem because your baby will have - blood as well. If he's + or you aren't sure I agree w/ Kristin... you can get the test to see if you have built up antibodies. I'm A- and my dh is o+, but all of ours have - blood (one is O-, the other two are A-), so I didn't have to receive the injection after their deliveries, just during my pregnancies.


Kristin11 - March 13

Creedy you will need to get the rhogam shot during your pregnancy. I too am a negative blood type and like Kristin72 i had the shot during and after pregnancies and after a miscarraige. I am currently 35 weeks prego and have had the rhogam shot about 4 times of so due to issues with my pregnancy and they had to give me a shot everytime they check my blood and find out that i do not have antibodies left in my body. My last shot was at about 28 weeks. I will get another shot after my babys birth too. And liek kristin said it is to protect you from becoming sensitized.



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