Occasional Drug Use While Pregnant

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Jezabel - May 1

At the moment I am 4 months pregnant and have used cocaine a few times, maybe 4 times since becoming pregnant. By no means am I addicted, but I would like to know what effects this has on my unborn baby. I would prefer to hear advice from people who have been in similar situations or from people with medical knowledge.....thanks


To Jezabel - May 1

You know what drug use do to babies. No, you should not do cocaine while pregnant. If you are not an addicted why didn't you stop for this pregnancy? Why did you use cocaine? There is no such thing as occasional use. You are gonna test postive for drugs and the child protection is going to step in. 4 months pregnant, you have cause a lot of damage. I feel sorry for your baby.


Audrea - May 1

Jezabel, I answered this question where you put it in general questions I think. I am not here to criticize you, but I am in the medical field. You are putting your life at risk especially with the use of cocaine while pregnant. All illegal drugs are bad, but cocaine is arguably the worst for a pregnant woman because it can instantaneously kill you. It can make the placenta seperate from the wall of the uterus causing you to bleed to death on the inside without you even knowing it until it is too late and you have gotten sleepy from being deprived of oxygen due to the low volume of blood left in your body. You would not even have the strength to make it to a phone, or time to get to the hospital to save your life. I have put on the other post the potential problems to the infant, but I just wanted to make sure you, and others get this message. I am an RN and have seen this happen too many times while at work. I work L&D and also the neonatal ICU. It can happen the first time you use cocaine or the hundredth time. It is like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun. Is it really worth it? Think about how your family would feel if you died because you did Cocaine while you are pregnant? What would the look be in your own mother's eyes? You really need to be more mature about your decisions if you are going to be a mother. Just really think about it.



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