Once Blighted Ovum Is Diagnosed How Long Till Miscarry

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Claire - May 11

On Apr. 28 I had my first sonogram at 6 weeks which showed only an empty sac that measured less than 5 weeks. I had another sonogram yesterday (May 10) at 7w/5d that showed that the sac had only grown to measure 5w/2d and was still empty. My gyn suggested I schedule a D & C but I told him I'd rather just let nature take it's course. I have had NO BLEEDING and NO CRAMPING so far. My question is, once a blighted ovum has been diagnosed, how long could it take to miscarry naturally? I don't want to be waiting for weeks.


jemma - May 11

it took me about a week before i misscarred from my blighted ovum but everybody is different. onces you body realises that there is no baby then thats when you will miscarry. i tell you know hun its not a nice think to go through i had alot of blood and alot of pains. the first day i started bleeding it was a period like but the second day i was getting very bad pains and the blood was so bad i was going through 5 pads every 5 mins. once the sac has been flushed away the bleeding starts to ease off. i didnt need a d&c because i had a complete misscarry but i waited 3 months and know i am pregnant again good luck its not going to be easy but you can get through it .


nicola-message to jemma - May 11

i have had the same sort of miscarriage as you when did you get your first period it has been 6 weeks now and still no signs of it


jemma - May 11

i had the misscarradge on the 25 of feb and came on on 20 march some woman are different in many ways have you tried for a baby since your misscarry.


Claire - May 28

Just a BUMP and UPDATE: My gyn told me back on May 10th that I would probably miscarry within the next two weeks. Well, here I am 18 days later and still waiting. I have STILL had NO CRAMPING and NO BLEEDING at all, but my b___st tenderness has almost completely vanished. I can tell that my pregnancy symptoms have just about disappeared. I wonder just how much longer this can go?


Cindy - June 2

Claire, so sorry you have to go through this. I wish you the best. I am 38 years old and just over 7 wks. pregnant. I've seen the nurse for a history, but the doctor won't see me or examine me until 10 weeks and no ultrasound until 20 weeks. It's driving me crazy (d__n HMOs). Anyway, I have had very few symptoms except b___st tenderness. The tenderness is now almost completely gone. I'm worried that I'm going to miscarry. Claire, what were your symptoms in the first 7 weeks? Let me know what happens with you and take care.


Claire - June 2

Cindy, I started spotting on Tuesday and flooded yesterday with cramps that were more like early labor pains and pa__sed a large ma__s of tissue about the size of my hand last night at 10:00 (10 weeks 6 days). Today it is just like a regular period. My symptoms early on were just sore b___sts, but I had little morning sickness or tiredness, and my HCG levels were very good (above average actually). However, I don't put much weight on "symptoms" because I was pregnant with twins in 1996 and had NO SYMPTOMS until 3rd trimester when I had mild heartburn. I am 34 and just spent 5 years ttc and $16,000 on injectable fertility drugs just to get pregnant. Cindy, do you have any other children or is this your first? I've heard women are very fertile just after being pregnant, have your heard this, or do you know of anyone who got pregnant very quickly after being pregnant?


Cindy - June 3

Thanks for the response, Claire. You've been through a lot.....I hope you're doing OK. This is my first pregnancy, so I don't know what to expect. I guess I won't worry too much about my lack of symptoms and just wait for the doctor's visit in 2 weeks. I don't know about fertility after being pregnant, but I do know that my Aunt swears this was her most fertile time. She has 8 kids and she claims 3 of them were conceived within 2 months of her giving birth. Good luck to you, Claire, and take care!


andrea - June 4

I had a blighted ovum with my first pregnancy at 8 wks ~ my ob told me there was no set time frame for a natural miscarriage ~ that in fact it could take several weeks. I chose to have a d/c which was done at 10wks. Up until the d/c I had no spotting what so ever. After I recoped for 3 months then imediatelly concieved again ~ I now have a healthy crazy 2yr boy. Honestly I couldn't stand the thought of draging the entire process out longer then need be. I wasn't going to put myself through that stress of just waiting.


Claire - June 6

I agree, Andrea, having a D & C and just getting it all over with seems to be the most logical way for most people. However, I had an abortion in 1991 which was by D & C and I swore I'd never do that again. In my case, the pain and stress of "waiting it out" for a natural miscarriage was actually better than facing a D & C again.


Melissa - June 21

Hi i also had a blighted ovum. i was 16 at the time and EXTREMELY scared of going through a d/c ( not even knowing at that age what it was? .. so i went through my misscarriage naturally and was put into hospital for pain killers it wasnt a nice experience but i got through it and ive since heard that its common for woman to have a blighted ovum with there first pregnancy and now i'm 21 and 39 weeks pregnant and waiting for my first baby boy to be born anyday! :-) Good luck you will get through it ..


Misty - June 21

I carried mine 3 weeks after it was diagnosed...I was 13 weeks when I finally miscarried it. I have had 2 other miscarriages and that was the worst one by far.


Nicole - July 1

I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 11w/6d- I went in because I was bleeding. I was scheduled the next day to hear the heartbeat for the first time (they don't do the sonogram until 20 wks). I went in and they couldn't find a heartbeat and when they did the transv____al ultrasound, there was just an empty sac. This was on a Thursday (May 19th) and I was scheduled for a D&C on Tuesday (May 21st), but that Saturday, I woke up hemorrhaging and had to have an emergency D&C. It was my first pregnancy and I am still devistated over it. I am getting my hcg levels checked every week until they reach 0. It was 10 when I got it checked this week. I am just wondering how long I should wait to try again. It has been 6 weeks since my D&C and I still have not had a period.


aliya - July 5

hi i also had a blighted ovum 3 months ago. I am now pregnant again but had some bleeding after s_x... just so worried that this one is also going to turn out another blighted ovum


Allison - July 7

I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum on Tuesday at 9 weeks. I opted not to have the D & C and am just waiting for my body to "pa__s" it naturally. The waiting sucks though and I, like Claire, don't want to be waiting and wating around for weeks. Claire, are you trying to get pregnant again?


cat - July 21

Hi, Im 11wks and waiting I have 8 more ever so long days to go until I have my D&C, I was told 2 days ago that I have a sac with no baby :-( I have had no problems even my blood work came back as normal!!! Im really depressed and I feel like someone ripped my heart in two, this was a planned pregnancy. We are both really disapointed. I think the hardest part is Im still pregnant and I cant yet put this behind me.


Gayle - July 26

On July 19, I had my sonogram,w hich should have showed my 9 week fetus. Instead it showed an empty sac. I had never heard of this before. It was my Dr.s recommendation to have a D&C because he said there was no telling how long it could take for my body to miscarry naturally. I just wanted to get it over with and try to put it behind me. I could not bare to walk around with the "blighted ovum" inside of me. I had my D&C on the 21st. It was not pleasant to be in the hospital and I am bleeding now with some cramps but my doctor said this is normal and could last upto two weeks. I think this whole experience has been awful. I am glad to hear that others have gotten pregnant after experiencing this. Iknow I will be paranoid with my next pregnancy and will be holding my breath for 9 months. I wish you luck and take care.



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