Once Blighted Ovum Is Diagnosed How Long Till Miscarry

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Gayle - July 26

On July 19, I had my sonogram,w hich should have showed my 9 week fetus. Instead it showed an empty sac. I had never heard of this before. It was my Dr.s recommendation to have a D&C because he said there was no telling how long it could take for my body to miscarry naturally. I just wanted to get it over with and try to put it behind me. I could not bare to walk around with the "blighted ovum" inside of me. I had my D&C on the 21st. It was not pleasant to be in the hospital and I am bleeding now with some cramps but my doctor said this is normal and could last upto two weeks. I think this whole experience has been awful. I am glad to hear that others have gotten pregnant after experiencing this. Iknow I will be paranoid with my next pregnancy and will be holding my breath for 9 months. I wish you luck and take care.


Gwyn - July 26

I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 7w 4d. This was on 6/28/05 and I am still waiting to miscarry naturally. I don't want to do the D&C if I don't have to, but I must admit, I am ready for it to be over. I have the same feeling I have when a loved one dies and I am waiting for the funeral. It's hard to grieve, especially since I still feel pregnant. I have the swollen, tender b___sts, nausea, and sensitivity to smells. When I thought there was a baby, it was all worth it, but now it's just torture. I am nervous about the pain I know I will feel and I especially don't want to see the clots, but getting a D&C makes me feel like I am getting rid of the baby. This is an enormous emotional toll, but I would rather let nature take it's course, than to wonder "what if" for the rest of my life. I read on the misdiagnosed miscarriage site that baby's were found right before a scheduled D&C.


Allison - July 28

Hi everyone, just thought I'd post an update. Three weeks after getting diagnosed, i finally pa__sed everything. It really wasn't bad or painful, just kind of gross truthfully. One more cycle and then we can ttc again.


Jennifer - August 2

I too have just been diagnosed with a blighted ovum. I am 11 weeks preg and sac is at 5 weeks. I have had no symptoms of miscarriage until yesterday which was the day I was scheduled for u/s to see if they were viable. Yes I was preg with twins. I feel like I am going through twice the loss. I started spotting the night before and it has stopped but I am having contraction like pains. I want the bleeding to start again. I like so many others want to do this naturally but don't want this to drag on forever. I have already been carrying them around for 6 weeks. I am suppose to go in on Mon for last u/s to confirm but I want to just schedule the D&C instead. I need the closure so I can grieve. It is so hard walking around knowing your precious little angels are leaving you and to top it off I have a daycare. I want this over with so I can move on. Everytime I pick up one of the babies I watch I cry because it reminds me of what I am losing. God bless all of you.


alli - August 3

Last Thursday at 7 wks 6 days I went in for my 1st sonagram and that's when I was told that there is a yolk sak but no embryo. The doc wanted to schedule a D&C this past Monday, but I decided to wait. Honestly, I kept hoping they had made a mistake. I even went for a second opinion at a different docs who concurred with the first diagnosis. I have yet to take any diffinitive action (i.e. D&C or Cytotec). I guess I'm still not ready to let go yet. Still keep hoping there was a mistake and someone will find a baby. In the meantime, I wait. Wondering when/if my body will start the process I dread so much, since I just can't bring myself to ask someone to do it for me.


To: Alli - August 4

We are in almost the same situation. Except I think i am not as far along as you. I totally understand everything you are saying. I agree the waiting is terrible. I have my appt. with a 2nd ob. on monday. I too am hoping they've made a mistake. Good luck to you.


Julie - August 5

I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 9 weeks on 7/26. The sac stopped growing at 5 weeks. I started 800 mcg of Misoprostol the next day to start the miscarriage because I was at risk for infection. The tissue finally pa__sed that Friday, about 2 1/2 days after starting the medications. I finally stopped bleeding today. My doctor said that it could have been another 4-6 weeks until I pa__sed the pregnancy on my own. Anything after 4 weeks from the cessation of the pregnancy puts you at risk for an infection, which left untreated can cause infertility.


Kayleen - August 11

I'm 22 years old and have endometriosis. I was pregnant, although I miscarried at 6wks. That was on July 13th. It is now August 11th and I am still bleeding. It slowed down shortly after the miscarriage although never came to an end. It's a light bleeding, but it looks like old blood. Has anyone ever had this happen? I was told to see my doctor, who suggested possibly a D&C. Needless to say, with the endometriosis, I have had my share of surgeries and am at the point now that I am scared off so much by them that I refuse to go in for anymore surgeries.


IGirl - August 17

I was officially diagnosed yesterday with a "missed miscarriage" or blighted ovum at 9 weeks. I'm 38 and had successfully gotten pregnant on the first cycle of Clomid--Repronex--HcG trigger shot (4 mature follicles)--IUI--Progesterone Suppositories. All because of a single episode of a spec of bright red spotting which prompted a series of Beta HcG tests and ultrasounds. My Betas were increasing slowly but not doubling, with a fourth & final Beta result of 9000 at approx. 8 weeks. Ultrasound (US) at 6 weeks showed nothing. US at 7 weeks showed early sac. US at 8 weeks clearly showed gestational sac and yolk sac but no fetal pole. US at 9 weeks showed collapsing gestational sac, couldn't see the yolk sac, no fetal pole, and GS was about the same size as the week prior. I have had no further red spotting or pelvic pain or cramps of any sort. I've stopped taking the Progesterone Suppositories and decided to wait it out naturally. If nothing happens by the end of next week, then I plan on taking the medication to induce the miscarriage so I can move on. It's difficult but hubby and I are hopeful for the next pregnancy. I have been blessed with at least one child, now 7 years old, and who is a product of a Clomid & IUI fertility cycle on the second try. So we will definitely try again.


Steph - August 18

I am very nervous. As of today, I am supposed to be exactly 7weeks. I had my first sonnagram at 6 weeks due to having 2 prior miscarriages and having some brownish discharge as well as a little red blood and minor cramping. The US showed an empty sac that measured about 5 wks (however I was told that it is not uncommon for the sac to look empty at that point) Since then the cramping and bleeding has almost completely stopped and I am on pins and needles on what we will see today. This last week has been torture.


autumn - August 18

i am also a nervous wreck.i am scared that i am having my second miscarriage(i am about 7 weeks).my first one was just four monthes ago(at eight wks).i didn't even thing i could conceive due to ENDO and several surgeries.i had some really light spotting(not bleeding)and mild cramping 2 wks ago and went for an u/s .they suspected an ectopic.my hcg was3300.they told me to rest and get more tests in e few days.i went to another ER three days later and they said there was just a sac.my levels had doubled.they said to wait 2 wks-it may be to early(i think i was 5 wks) or it is a blighted ovum.it has been an excruciating 2 wks!tomorrow is my appt. Everthing has been pretty normal until tonight-i pa__sed a really small clot but ther has been no bleeding.i am so nervous now.i cant bear to go through this so soon and i am sick of "procedures"...


Steph - August 18

Autumn - hang in there. It turns out we were too early on the 1st US and today we saw the baby and heard the heartbeat. While we estimated to be at 7 weeks, we are more like 6 weeks based on the measurements and the minimal bleeding was the result of a later implantation. So my thoughts are with you that everything will work out.


treena - August 30

hi everyone, I feel for all of you and I am sorry for your losses. At least it seems like there are other women who are going through what I am right now. I am utterly broken hearted. After 4 years of every fertility treatment known to humankind, 3 uterine surgeries, countless "procedures", 6 IVFs, incredulously I got pregnant. Last week at my u/s, there was no yolk sac, no heart beat... it has been extremely distressing to wait to bleed and I must say that I feel like the clinic has dumped me. Anyway, after the past couple of weeks bedrest, I was back at work today and finally started with red bleeding. I arranged to go for an u/s on Sun 4 and hopefully will be able to do without a D and C. I also am scheduled for a hysterosonogram Fri 9 to a__sess my terrible uterus yet again...


britgirl - July 20

i think i have the same thing, i went to the hospital yesterday and had a scan im only about 4 weeks and the doctor said she could only see a sac, and that i could have a dnc or an injection to clear it all away, i too havent had any pains or bleeding im back on monday so im hoping to see something else on the scan, or i want to let nature take its course, think positive.


diana - September 25

hi there i have just been told i have a blighted ovum this was yesterday when i was scanned, ever since i left the hospital all i have done is cry i cant understand it or get my head round it, i feel angry at the same time. i was wondering if anyone knows or could advise me on what to do let nature take its course?


diana - September 30

hey i posted an add Sep 25th, 2008 2:11 PM a was booked in for a d and c but my heart told me to get a scan to make sure this was really what was wrong i am ever so glad i did as my baby is there and growing the last scan i had i was to early for them to see the baby and they saw a clot which is know as a haematoma they mistaken this for the sac and thought it was empty when they were looking at the wrong thing so please i advise anyone to go for another scan a week or 2 after you have been diagnosed with this good luck xx



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