Once Blighted Ovum Is Diagnosed How Long Till Miscarry

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diana - September 30

hey i posted an add Sep 25th, 2008 2:11 PM a was booked in for a d and c but my heart told me to get a scan to make sure this was really what was wrong i am ever so glad i did as my baby is there and growing the last scan i had i was to early for them to see the baby and they saw a clot which is know as a haematoma they mistaken this for the sac and thought it was empty when they were looking at the wrong thing so please i advise anyone to go for another scan a week or 2 after you have been diagnosed with this good luck xx


ashleygeoffroy - October 1

I had a blighted ovum Last year, its very heartbreaking and I am sorry you have to go through it. I found out at around 6 weeks that i had a blighted ovum, and at 11 weeks I still didn't pa__s it. So i had to have a D&C. The D&C was amazing compared to pa__sing it yourself, since after the operation, I spotted for only one day. On the dowside, I didn't get a period for about 8 weeks, and I haven't been regular since. But i just found out the other day I am pregnant again. The only thing I can do is pray and cross my fingers that this one is a baby.


WorriedSick - October 3

I've apparently got twin blighted ovums. I should be almost 10w. I haven't miscarried and no sign of anything happening.


mt - April 6

I had a D&C friday evening. A week and half prior had ultrasound, found 2 sacs, both empty. But measuring 6w4d and 6w. We were so hopeful, all the symptoms of sore b___sts and tired were there, HCGs were up, not sure if doubled but were at 14000. Had U/S scheduled friday at noon, got a call at 10am HCG levels dropped to 11000, so we knew. When we went to U/S, all we saw were smaller sacs curving in on themselves. No babies, no heartbeats. We are so devasted. I was terrified of D&C, but even more terrified of miscarrying at home, opted for D&C. We got through it, I was so sick for a few days with body aches and cramps. I so want to try again, but I am 39 this month, and glucose is high, found out Gestatinal Diabetes early one. I want to try but cant risk my life, I ave a beautiful 6 yr old lil girl who needs me. I feel so lonely and lost through this. I know I am not alone, I wanted these lil babies. I never expected twins, and I think that just made it all the harder. I miss rubbing my tummy, thinking of them in there growing, I just feel so numb. When does the heartbreak end? Should we try again at 39?


tina92055 - June 1

7 weeks and 5 days today - Yesterday had some slight bleeding after intercourse. It only was observed with wiping (TMI) then it changed to brown discharge. I did not have cramping until later last night - after the bleeding had ceased for several hours. Called my clinic and had an u/s today. The u/s showed I was only 5 weeks based on size of sac. No heartbeat yet but was told this is normal for 5 weeks. I am to come in next week for another u/s. I'm feeling scared that this is a blighted ovum. This is our first pregnancy and I am 31 and healthy. Has anyone experienced this situation with similar symptoms? Thanks.


mt - June 2

I am so sorry for your worry. With both pregnancies (1 full preg and 1 blighted ovum) I had spotting at 9 weeks. With healthy preg I spotted for a day, with blighted ovum it continued all week got little brown to a bit more bright red. I had swollen ankles with both right away, but with blighted ovum it went away, I think that was my first sign, then the spotting. I wish I could say it's ok, and there us a better % it is, then there isn't, but it makes it so hard. After miscarrying twins and so blindsided by miscarriage, we are trying again, I just turned 39, so we are trying fir a bit, and if it ends bad that will be it for us cause of my age, but... I have to not worry and make myself crazy, this time I am not announcing so soon, and not even going to dr until 10 weeks, and since I know conception and so forth, I should hear heartbeat and see sac, so I don't have the wait between u/s, that was the cruelest week ever, not doing that again. I'm gonna wait the 10 weeks, enjoy it for that time and then I know for sure, unless something bad happens prior. I did learn it us out of my control, and it hurts so much, but I would have had 2 very sick babies, and even though I guess there weren't fetuses, they were very much my babies. I hope God will bless us when the time is right, I feel so comfort with that. Somehow... Stay calm... And try not to worry, what will be will be... It is out of our control at this point. Soon you will know and have peace.


takojabelle - January 11

Has anyone ever heard of a blighted ovum being misdiagnosed? I just read some crazy stories on the internet. Is this just a fairy tale? I was told I have a blighted ovum on Friday.


AugustBabyAngel - February 12

Here is my experience with a blighted ovum pregnancy: (I am 27 years old, this was my first pregnancy) When I was 5 weeks 5 days pregnant I had my first v____al ultrasound. I was told I was only measuring at 4 weeks. I knew that was impossible bc I knew exactly when I conceived. I had another sono down 1 week later at 6 weeks 5 days and was diagnosed with a blighted ovum. The Dr. told me there was no fetal pole, no yolk sac and that it stopped developing at around 4 weeks. To make sure, they wanted me to wait one more week for another sono before i decided to whether or not to have a d&c done. 4 days after that sono that was done at 6 weeks, 5 days, when I was at 7 weeks 2 days, i started having some brown spotting. At 7 weeks 5 days I had my 3rd sono. I had the brown spotting for 3 days now. Dr. told me the sac grew a little bit, about 2 mm but still not fetus. They checked my hcg levels and I was at 4017 that day. Later that same night at 7 weeks, 5 days, I began the miscarriage. I started having painful cramping that night but still only brown spotting. The next morning (at 7 weeks 6 days) I woke up and I was bleeding. I pa__sed the tissue/clots that day (when it came out it was about the size of a golf ball and looked like raw liver). After I pa__sed the tissue, the cramping stopped and I just had heavy bleeding (like a heavy period). Two days after I began to bleed they checked my hcg levels again and I was at 299. I bled for 8 days. 2 weeks after the miscarriage I had my hcg levels checked again and I was back down to 0. I was told by my doctor to wait for 2 periods before trying to conceive again. I am still waiting for my first period (its been almost 4 weeks since my miscarriage) and I cannot wait to try again. I am hopeing and praying we will be blessed with a healthy baby the next time we conceive.


AugustBabyAngel - February 12

Also, I forgot to mention that my only symptom was sore b___sts. I had really sore b___sts even before I knew I was pregnant at around 4 weeks. At 6 weeks, the soreness just suddenly went away. Since that was my only pregnancy symptom, and it suddenly went away, I had a feeling that something was wrong.


adc110208 - June 17

I just had my second blighted ovum this year...waiting to pa__s it on my own (really dont want a D&C). I am just really worried this is always going to happen...I have a little girl that is 19 months and i got pregnant SOOOO easy with her, i just dont know why this is happening now....has anyone had fertility issues that second time around???


babybear5years - July 6

I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum on June 24, 2010. I was supposed to be 6 weeks pregnant. I am so devstated. I have been trying for 5 years to get pregnant. I was pregnant in January 2007 but has mis-scarriage. My baby did not have a heart beat so I had a dnc at 10 weeks. Now finally I am pregnant again and now I have a blighted ovum. I have decided to have a natural miscarriage but I am so scared. My doctor told me I did not need a DNC! The wait is killing me. I keep hoping that my doctor made a mistake. We have not done another ultrasound because my hcg levels only went from 6920 to 8000. I am going to give it another week and then go in for another ultra sound. I so hoping maybe I am one of the ones who hcg doesn't double. I still have b___st soreness and I am very tired. I sometimes get turned off by different smells. But other than that no real morning sickness. Right now I would be 8 weeks pregnant. I thought I would try for another ultra sound at 9 weeks to make sure that the blighted ovum was a correct diagnoses and then maybe take the medicine that makes it go ahead and happen. My heart just can't take it anymore. It so hard to walk around and smile and try to enjoy life when I am so sad on the inside. At least with that I can begin to start over.


Buffy - August 1

The thing is that everyone is different so there is no way to know for sure when your body will miscarry naturally. I found out about my blighted ovum at my 11 week scan and than miscarried less than a week later. I had no symptoms or signs of miscarriage before I went into the scan so it was a real shock followed by lots of grief. But I feel that knowing before it happened got the ball rolling as my body finally got the message when my mind found out. (Weird but true.) I was very lucky that my miscarriage happened naturally and so quickly and that I had just gone home (I live abroad) so had my mum with me when it happened. To give some comfort, mine was not bad at all. Started with regular period cramps that progressed into waves of cramps (like mini-labor) and then I pa__sed a lot of blood and clots. This continued for only about 4 hrs and then I continued to have regular period bleeding for about 3 days. I am hoping to start trying again asap so I wish you all the best as well. It is such a blessing that technology has given us a way to share our experiences. I have taken a lot of comfort from the forums. God Bless.


Ccsky - November 5

 I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 11 weeks. Ultrasound showed 6 week empty sac and HCG levels not doubling. Dr. did not want to do another D&C since I had one 5 months earlier for a baby with trisomy 18 that died at 13 weeks. She did not want to risk my future fertility by doing another surgery. After waiting and waiting for this to pass naturally 11 weeks passed and finally took Cytotec. But sac still did not pass. so she said it will eventually. Well here I am at 26 weeks pregnant with a blighted ovum sac now measuring 9 weeks and I finally miscarried the sac today. So it sometimes can take a very long time. Another Dr. said even into 3rd trimester. 3 1/2 months after being diagnosed I am finally able to move on.



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