One Artery In The Umbilical Cord Instead Of Two

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Shelamar - November 7

My Dr saw on my ultrasound that the baby's umbilical cord has one artery and one vein, instead of two arteries and one vein. He says not to worry because the baby is very active, there in lots of ammoctic fluid, and is growing fine. He does not see anything wrong with the baby and babies are born with this ok. He says he plans to do stress test once a week just to monitor the baby. Does one else have this or knows someone with this????


shannon - November 17

I just found this out about my pregnancy as well. My doctor said the same thing yours did. I am still searching for answers too. I'll post again if I find anything.


Shelamar - November 18

Thanks Shannon. How far along are you? The stress test I had the Dr said it was fine, baby moved like 20 times in 20 minutes. I go tommarrow again. Please let me know how things go.


shannon - November 19

I am 28 weeks (due Feb. 6th). I will not do the non-stress test until I am 32 weeks and then I will do them once a week. My doctor didn't seem to be too concerned either. I did a lot of research on the Internet (big mistake). I couldn't sleep after I read everything. I then called the nurse at my doctor's office and she said Internet research is the worst thing to do since no one is monitoring what is being placed on there. So I really don't have any more to tell you, sorry.How far along are you?


Suzie - November 21

When I was pregnant with my son (who is now 4) he had 1 artery instead of 2. He was born at 41 weeks at 8lbs 1oz . Totally healthy. So if I were you I wouldn't worry about it.


shannon - November 22

Thanks Suzie. Thats encouraging!!


edwina - November 23

Hi I have the same problem but everything else in my 19 week ultrasound was fine, im pretty up tight though. my doctor said not to worry as well.


Jana - November 23

My friend has a four month old, very healthy baby boy and had this exact problem. So everything was fine for her. Hope this helps.


David - December 3

Hello. I don't really know much about this subject, but I was born with this "condition." I am currently 14 years old and I don't want you to worry, I grew up and i am now one of my schools best student. Congrats on your new baby and I hope you the best. Sincerely, David


shannon - December 3

Thank you David for taking the time to respond. After all of the responses, I am feeling a little less stressed about it.


Jenny - December 21

Thank you so much for posting! I too was diagnosed with this at 20 weeks and have been worried. I have been told the same thing, that if everything looks good with the baby not to worry. My mom was a neonatal intensive care nurse for many years and said they saw this somewhat regularly and that in 20 years (and countless babies with this condition) she only saw two that did have another problem with them. I hope this helps someone, your words have encouraged me.


shannon - December 23

Thanks for the post Jenny. Since they told me about my umbilical cord, I have had an ultrasound and started the weekly non-stress tests just to be sure. And everything is fine so far. Hope that helps.


Paul - December 23

I went straight to a google search for info as my wife and I just got back from our 19 week ultrasound where this condition was pointed out to us in ONE of our TWINS. I'm glad I found this site first.....I feel alot better


Lindsey Mclain - January 18

I just got home about 15 mintues ago wityh the same news from my ultrasound. i am only 181/2 weeks and the baby was moving the whole time. The saw all vital organs and the 4 heart chambers. I am just very worried/nervous at theis point and don't really know what to expect unitl we go see a paranatalologist. Glad to hear some encouraging news because not many things in the last couple hours have been! It's a girl though!


shannon - January 19

Lindsey, my best advise is to stop doing research on the Internet. That will make you even more nervous and upset. Trust your doctor. I am now in my 37th week. My doctor has had me doing the non-stress tests once a week since my 32nd week. So far everything has been going very well. They do not see any problems related to the umbilical cord. My baby is very active all of the time and has a great heart rate. I feel much better now than I did when I got the results. I only have three weeks left, so I will keep you posted.


ROCHELLE - January 22



Luke - May 24

My wife was rescently diagnost with this problem. I think I'm more worried than she is. Suprisingly enough, I guess she knows the inside of her body better than I do. I just sat down and read all of the responses and it really helps he to hear everyone writing about not believing what you read on the internet. I guess it doesn't really do me any good at all to be worried, it won't help the situation one way or the other. I'm just going to trust the doctor and turn it over to God.



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