Open Cervix At 8 Weeks

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lizzie - April 12

i was admitted to hospital with serious stomach pains over the weekend..fortunately everything was fine, and i underwent rigorous testing, but i still can't help but worry. we had an ultrasound which showed a strong heartbeat and baby fine, but it also showed 'pelvic free fluid' in 19mm deep pools. i have looked this up on the net but can't find any information on the causes or risks of this. also whilst doing an internal exam the doctor said my ervix was a little bit open and there were traces of dried blood. i was so anxious whilst there that i didnt ask all the questions i wanted to, and am now paniccing. my mum says that after the ultrasound at this stage the chances of a miscarriage drop by about 97% is this true?and why is my cervix open.....sorry i have so many questions but im so worried


lizzie - April 13

hasnt anyone experienced any of these problems?


tenet - April 15

Lizzie, I had a incompetent cervix w/ my 3.5 yr old. I'm 14 wks pregnant now. I just had a cervical cerclage done pre-emptively. After it was done, my OB said that my cervix was already open 1/2 cm, but it was closed now (b/c of the surgery). I don't know how far along you are, but you may want to ask if the cerclage is an option. If not, they may tell you to get more bedrest.


Claire - April 15

Lizzie Free fluid is the pelvis I think is generally blood. At 8 weeks with bleeding, if heartbeat is present, I think your risk of misscarriage is around 10% which falls to about 4% in week 9 with bleeding. I don't know about an slightly open cervix - obviously if its completely open a miscarriage is inevitable. Ask you doctor about this.


TD - April 21

Please ask your doctor about incompetent cervix & cerclage. I lost my first baby at 20 weeks due to incompetent cervix. I'm now 30 weeks preg. with a cerclage put in at 10 weeks. The st_tch is the only thing holding her in at this time. I've also been on bedrest for now 8 weeks, & will be for the duration of my preg.


Hayley - May 4

I had an incomentent cervix when I was pregnant. When I was 4 months pregnant I starting having very bad cramping. Went to the ER and the Doctor checked my cervix and he told me that my cervix was incompent. They did a procedure so that I could carry to term. I went into labor at 38 weeks. I had a health 7lb 4oz baby girl. Good luck to you!



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