Ovarian Cysts

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Jennie - May 27

I am 12 weeks pregnant and upon my first ultrasound at 7 weeks they found a rather large cyst on one of my ovaries. There was still blood flow to the ovary but there was concern about it being cancerous. At first I felt unconcerned thinking it would go away, but now I can feel it there and it is painful during s_x. They have not scheduled my next ultrasound yet - but I am curious, has anyone else had complications with this? BTW - baby was positioned well and had a great heart rate during first US. Thanks!


lori - December 9

hi jennie, i too went for my first ultrasound and they found 3or 4 large cycts on one of my ovaries. and not only that but i am not even measuring 5 weeks yet. i have to go back next week to see if there is anything inside of the sac. so it was a doulble wammy for us. very dissapointed. the dr told me if the cycts continues to grow i will have to have surgery. and if i am still pregnant they will have to operate when i am around 16-18 weeks. so either way we are scared. i know there is a chance they could go away but the dr didn't seem to thin that was the case i guess b/c of the size of the cycts. i am scared. i have a 2 yr old and i worry about cancer myself. my biggest fear is not being here for my daughter. i know ti's silly but i keep visualizing the cycts getting smaller. i am desperate. i am not overweight or anything but i am mad at myself for not taking care of myself better and not exercing and eating healthier. i guessi am blaming myself.


Christine - December 9

I just had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and the technician said i had 3 cysts on my right ovary that she wanted my doctor to take a look at. I'm so concerned that something may be wrong with me now! She also said I am "too old" for these types of cysts?? what the heck is that suppose to mean??


lori - December 9

christine, i know it is scarey but try not to listen to the tech, i would wait to hear from your doctor. how old are you? that is a weird comment the tech made. sometimes people say stupid things. not to mention i don't think techs are supposed to make comments like that anyway. how big were the cysts? if they weren't big i don't think they will do anything but just monitor them. unfortunetly mine were pretty big.



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