Ovarien Vein Thrombosis Lovenox Blood Thinner

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Allie - March 8

I am almost 16 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. After the birth of my fist child back in 1995, I was rushed to the emergency room with bad stomach pains ( 10 days after he was born ) They did all sorts of tests to find out what was going on... they finally found a blood clot in the vein that leads to my right ovary.I was in the hospital for days getting blood thinning treatment to get the clot to go away.... The doctor said that this was a pregnancy related problem and that any future pregnancies would require me to be on a blood thinner for the whole 9 months, and a couple weeks after the birth of my baby.The doctors told me this was a rare condition, and you don't see lot of cases of it....Is there anybody out there who has had this happen?...I would love to hear your story. Take Care, ~ Allie ~


Lisa - March 25

Allie, I had the same thing, I was diagnosed with the overian vein thombosis 2 days after a c-sec delivery of my twins (2nd Pregnancy). I was in extreme pain and was unable to get out of bed, so after many tests and a CAT scan they finally found out what was wrong with me. I was also in the hospital for several days to become theraputic on the blood thinner. Once I went home, I was home for 1 day and then hemmoraged which put me in the ICU for several days, after 4 blood transfusions. After getting out of the hospital for the second time and home for two weeks everything went wrong again, I had an infection, in which they could not figure out where it was. After several blood cultures and tests I was diagnosed with an infection of unknown orgin. So I finally was sent home with a PIC line to adminster antibiotics for 2 weeks by a nurse since I had spent just over 6 weeks in the hospital. Six months later I was finally given a clean bill of health and came off coumadin. Now I am pregnant again, administering lovenox 1 x daily to prevent another DVT. I am 18 weeks pregnant and have started bleeding again due to a placental abruption. I was told to go off the lovenox until the bleeding stopped, then went back on and started bleeding again. So now I am at risk of hemmorging and losing the baby. I am now on bedrest for the remainder of this pregnancy. Good luck Allie should you get pregnant again because so many things can happen that you can never expect.


Amanda - March 30

I am in the eighth week of my first pregnancy, and am currently taking lovenox shots daily...and will continue with the shots for several weeks after delivery. The reason I am on blood thinners, however, is because I'm hypercoagulable. Even before the pregnancy, I was at an increased risk a forming a clot, and now that risk is even greater. The lovenox should protect us from any clotting complications during the pregnancy.


Amanda - June 6

I am 14 weeks pregnant with my second. My uncle had a few blood clots and found out he had Factor Leiden V Syndrome. My mom tested positive so I got tested and am positive as well. I have never had any blood cotting issues, but as a precaution my Hemotologist prescribed 40 Mg. of Lovenox a day and a baby asprin. I am nervous about the effects on the baby and wonder if this treatment is really neccessary since my 1st pregnancy was fine and my mother had 3 babies without any issues. Can you nurse after birth?


Allie - June 8

Thank you everyone for your responses... I'm glad to know im not the only one taking Lovenox... My shots are going well. This is my third time being on it and I have never had a problem on it....Until now..... I was having a hard time breathing the other day and I went to my family doctor because my OB doctor was out of town... They took my blood pressure and it was high.. When they listined to my heart it was racing, so they sent me to the ER.... They did an EKG and hooked me up to the heart monitor, did blood tests and even took a chest x~ray... I was so scared and asked them why they where doing all these tests...... They said they thought I had a blood clot that traveled to my lungs...... After all these tests, they couldn't find anything........ They sent me home and told me to take TUMS.....I was so mad..... Since then, I have been doing pretty good....Now I just found out I have Gestational Diabetes.......... I decided this is my last pregnancy, since im a high risk patient..... Good Luck to you all ~ Allie~


Whitney - August 17

I had somewhat of the same thing happen to me, except the blood clot was in my lung. Thye found it during my fifth month of pregnancy. So now i have to be on Lovenox until i deliver, and possibly 2 months after.



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