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[email protected] - June 23

Anyone pregnant with PCOS? Please feel free to e-mail me so we can share our stories...


Deborah Reyes - June 25

Hi, i have PCOS since I was 15 years old and was told will need treatment to get pregnant. I tried for 8 years with no succes without treatment. After a few months I heard about Omega 3 fish oil an how can help to conceive. I used to take 2 to 4 capsules a day with a lo carb diet and got pregnant within 2 months!! It also helps to avoid miscarriage, diabetis and preeclampsia. I bought the book "The Omega Zone" and really helps. My pregnancy is a miracle, I'm 20 weeks now and It's a BOY!! Hope I can go for the 2nd later...


k. f - July 2

in april 2004 stopped taking the pill. after 3 months no period, I went to my gyneco and she game me deprovera to bring in my period and as she was examining me said I should take an ultrasound, I did and it showed that I had several little cysts on both ovaries. I had no symptoms except the absence of a period, they ran tests to a___lyze my hormones, blood sugar etc, everything was ok. she sent me to a fertility specialist and right away he wanted to put me on clomid etc..I am very reluctant to take medecine unless it is a last recourse, so I read a lot about it and saw that even with polycystic ovaries you can ovulate sometimes and people do get pregnant and decided to try that before going on clomid etc.... I had one light period in november then a heavy one in january then another one in april than one in may which I thought was encouraging. I started charting in early march using a free site www.fertilityfriend.com taking my temperature and monitoring my cervical fluid was very helpful. I had one 44 day cycle with no ovulation then my last cycle ended in ovulation on the 28th day and I got pregnant!I did not ovulate for 4 months and conceived anyway the first time I did. I saw my doctor this week, he could not believe it, he was not very happy that I did not want to try meds and told me very doubtfully "call me if you get pregnant" the ultra sound showed a little sac in the uterus, I HOPE EVERYTHING ELSE GOES well. I AM JUST HAPPY TO KNOW THAT I CAN OVULATE ON MY OWN!



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