PCOS And Pregnant

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lisa - April 28

I am 18 weeks, and 3 years ago I was dx with PCOS. I never took any medication for it, and now I am pregnant. I am now scared to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I am 25 years old. my doctor said they check gestational diabetes at 26 weeks. I've been feeling fine, but I just wanted to know if anybody was in the same boat. I am scared to lose my baby....


Audrea - April 28

I also have the same thing. I was told I could only get pregnant if I took meds to help, but I guess two doctors were wrong in that aspect. I too have wondered about diabetes as we are more prone to it because of this. I was told not to worry about it, and it does not cause you to lose your baby. many women who are diabetic have good pregnancies, just have to watch their blood sugar daily.


Nichole - May 13

I just found out I was pregnant but I'm not very far along. This is my first child and my greatest fear is losing it due to PCOS. I just want a healthy baby. What can I do to make sure my body accepts this baby?!?


Nica - May 13

Make sure your doctor is checking that your progesterone levels are high enough. I have PCOS and they never checked this.. and I lost both my babies. Don't know if it was because of low progesterone but I'd rather not risk it in the future, and I've heard that PCOSers sometimes have low progesterone levels, so please check it out.


Karen - May 16

Nica, good point. I am a PCOS patient. I am now 3 months pregnant. I conceived while on metformin, and by using clomid. They checked me a week after they thought I would have conceived, and found that my progesterone level was only at a 6. They put me on v____al suppositories of progesterone right away, then a week later, I found out I was pregnant! I don't know if this baby would have survived if they didn't know to check my progesterone level. I go to a reproductive endocronologist, and I highly recommend seeing one. In my experience, they know a lot more about our special condition that regular ob/gyn's, and because of these special doctors, I am pregnant! I wish you all the best!


Nichole - May 17

I was on the Metformin but when my endocronologist found out I was pregnant he said for me to come off it and let the OBGYN make the final decision if I should stay on it or not. Should I have stayed on it?


Nicole - May 17

Congrats on the pregnancy. I am 3 months with my 4th! I have PCO and became pregnant with my first preg with infertility shots and required progesterone suppositories 110mg 2-3 X daily for the first 12 weeks. I also became gest diabetic around 26 wks and was scrared to death because I had to take insulin injections. I was a nervous wreck I would lose or harm my baby. Everything turned out fine. My baby was normal at 6lbs 12 oz induced 1 wk early as they do commonly with GD. My 2, and 3rd pregnancy I was borderline GD but managed my sugars thru diet and controlled my weight gain and never needed insulin. My current (fourth) pregnancy I was on Metformin to help me to conceive and to prevent a miscarriage because I had one 6 wks prior. My doctor is keeping me on Metformin until the end of this wk (wk 12). I will also be stopping the progesterone suppositories. Don't worry about gestational diabetes. Watch your sugar intake and weight gain and you may prevent it. But if it happens, it is extremely manageable and your baby will be fine. Good Luck to you!!!!


Michelle - May 17

I have known for some time now that I suffer from PCOS, and it is amazing how many other women suffer too. I am currently pregnant with my third child and luckily never had gestational diabetes with either pregnancy. The only problem I have is no matter how close I try to stick to my diet (in hopes not to put on the 60 lbs. I did with the first pregnancy) I can't control my eating. I do try to eat heather, but at 26 weeks into my pregnancy I have put on 24 lbs. I know through ultrasound my little one is at a proper growth for gestational age, but like anyone else who has gone through this I worry too. Both my first and second pregnancies ended with handsome little men. I place my faith in God and try not to worry too much about this pregnancy, but some days are rougher than others. Try not to worry, and know you are not alone. There are us out here just like you and there are a lot of little ones that are just fine. Just remember to always be your own advocate with yours and your baby's health, tell your doctor if you have concerns. No questions that you have for your health care provider are wrong and they deserve reasonable answers.


elena - May 31

hi, i'm 23 yrs old and recently i was diagnosed with pcos. i was put on clomid and prometrium about 4 months ago did it twice but still no pregnancy, i finally got fed up and stop taking it, it was making me depressed,angry,with major mood swings which the doctor did warn me and my husband about it. so by reading what i have seen here i see there is a chance of me getting pregnant with pcos, the question is how long will it take and do i have to take fertility drugs? i'm going to try the natural way and see if works! i'm just wondering if i can get pregnant with pcos without having to use the fertility drugs??? will someone please answer me who has gone through this!


Nica - May 31

To Elena, sorry this is not what you want to hear, but if you have PCOS it is highlighy unlikely you will be able to ovulate on your own. Clomid stimulates ovulation. Without ovulation you definitely won't be able to become pregnant. If the side effects of this drug are so very bad for you maybe your doc can give you something else, like Femara.


Michelle - June 6

Elena, in my case with my first pregnancy I took only prometrium for roughly six months and became pregnant. With the second I took prometrium once again and it took ten months to become pregnant, but I was two weeks away from going on clomid. With my current pregnancy I have done nothing, but it has been four and 1/2 years since my last pregnancy. My family has a PCOS hx and my cousin took clomid and prometrium for almost two years before becoming pregnant with twins. She was infertile for two years before getting treatment to become pregnant. Yes we all are different, but you should be open to what your body is telling you. Good Luck!! I wish you and your family the best.


nancy - June 26

I know that this isnt an answer to the question but I have a question of my own. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 and now am 24 and am sure I am pregnant but every urine test I take comes up negative. I have a majority of the pregnancy symptoms but is it possible that my PCOS could affect a home pregnancy test?


Nica - June 26

To Nancy: no, I don't believe PCOS affects pregnancy test results.


Amber - June 27

I have PCOS and I am 12 weeks pregnant after having a miscarriage in December. So far progesterone and everything is fine, we were so excited to hear a heart beat even the first ultrasound (believe it or not 6 weeks) But I had been on Clomid and Metformin for a while with no results until the miscarriage. Finally I got referred to a reproductive endocrinologist and they were going to do artificial and use clomid. Well I was supposed to go in for a couple tests for it 2 weeks later and I found out after going I was pregnant. So I called them back and they sent me back to my OB...They said sometimes if you take your mind off things, it just happens all on its own. We had been trying for 2 years. So far blood sugar and everything is good, I know I am not out of the clear yet, but I really think taking your mind off trying really helped. And yes I am scared, but everything is good so far and I want to be in the present because if you worry all the time it will make you sick, so I am watching my diet trying to eat veggies and stuff that is healthy. My doctor said the foods to stay away from are sugars at least in moderation, and starchy foods like potatoes and corn, and pop and tea, and fried foods like fries..some are my favorite but it has helped trying to be healthy. Good luck wish you the best.


Angie - July 7

Elena - Yes you can get pregnant without drugs and have PCOS. I'm 9 weeks now with fingers crossed. This is my second pregnancy without fertility drugs. First pregnancy ended at 14 weeks with a blighted ovum (not related to PCOS). I did do fertility treatments for 3 years and had 2 surgeries. I do believe they ultimately led to my being able to conceive naturally. I must admit that I did pay A LOT of attention to my body and fertility signs in order to conceive both times.


Cindy - July 21

I was dx with PCOS when I was 18. I was also told that I would probably never conceive without Clomid. Because of health insurance....well lack there of, I wasn't able to take Clomid. Well, it took a while....9 years actually....but I'm pregnant. I'm 13 weeks today!!!!! EDD 01/26/06 (I now have insurance). Congrats to all that are pregnant, and to those who are not yet....have faith.


Jessica - August 2

Hi Lisa, I was also dx with PCOS last year and my doctor told me I would have a very slim chance in becoming pregnant. And I am 10wks now. I 27 years old. And I do have a child already. But sometimes doctors don't know alot of things especially with pcos. I was on the pill and I got pregnant. Hang in there.



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