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CKSAN - May 17

I am one of many of us out there with PCOS and udergoing a variety of treatments to conceive. Here's me in a nutsh__l: Without meds I have a period maybe 2 times a year. I was on Clomid to conceive my first. I then lost 3 (2 ectopics and 1 miscarriage). After the 2 ectopics I started Metformin. This was last summer and was pregnant by Jan. I lost that one at 6 weeks. Now am 21 weeks pregnant and everything is going well. Still taking 1000 mg of metformin daily.


CKSAN - May 17

I meant to say I had the miscarriage in Nov. I got pregnant with this baby in Jan.


scoutsout - May 17

Hey CKSAN I'm so happy for you! My nutshell (CKSAN you know most of this): have been regular my whole life came of bc in June of last year, Nov I missed my first pregnancy test, after many neg hpt and still no AF in March I went to the OB. She did blood work and diagnosed me with PCOS. I took Provera to bring on my period, metformin once a day, clomid cd3-7, estradiol cd8-12 and prometrium cd18-till AF. I am to have s_x on cd10,12,14,16 and 18. My husband is in the Army and gone a lot so it makes it that much more challanging. OB said after to cycles if I wasn't pregnant we would up the does of clomid. If after 6months still no p/g then go through fertility testing. To top it all off I'm in TX and my OB is in TN! My questions: Anyone with a similar drug schedule? Is 6 months to long to wait for fertility testing? To complicate things my husband is scheduled to leave for Iraq in Nov. I really don't want to lose another year, recommendations?


Smiles - May 18

Wow CKSAN you and I are on the same schedule. I was on meformin for 3 months and conceived in January and now I am 21 weeks. But my doctor immediately stopped the metformin as soon as I became pregnant. I was for a check up yesterday and I have a 8cm cyst on my right ovary. I had a 4*6cm cyst removed exactly one year ago this week...........weird how I have another one this time almost double the size. I really really wanted to have a natural birth but because of the cyst it is almost out of the question. Many tears were shed yesterday but after a long talk with my husband last night we both agree that as long as baby and I are healthy it is the main thing. P.S If the size of the cyst continues to increase in size I may have to have it removed before I deliver. Do you have any cysts right now?


CKSAN - May 18

They have never really focused in on my ovaries that I know of. They probably do check them with ultrasounds right? So I guess I'm good. I have all of the cla__sic symptoms of PCOS: Insulin resistance and weight problems, no periods, the dreaded facial hair, skin tags.. etc... I am staying on Metformin during the pregnancy b/c it has helped in many of those areas. I want to be on it after the baby is born, and since I plan to nurse, I am staying on it. It is one of those drugs that is ok to stay on if you were on it when you were pregnant, but you can't start it while pregnant or nursing. I am sorry about your cyst. Just out of ignorance, what is the danger of the cyst to the pregancy, and why does it cause you to not be able to deliver naturally?


Smiles - May 18

The cyst is continuing to grow so it becomes a factor of room. The cyst can twist and rupture and then I would need immediate surgery.


Kirk - May 21

Hi Ladies!!! First let me say I am so sorry that you have gone through all of this. I too have PCOS and was so glad to see your post. I so need to talk to someone as well. I just found out on Thursday that I am expecting my second. I am 4w3d. I only was diagnosed with PCOS in October of last year. It wasn't an issue with my first pregnancy. I am so so scared as the percentage of miscarriage is so much higher. I too am on Metformin, and I had one cycle of Clomid last month. Which seemed to do the trick. I have an ultrasound booked for Jun 1st and am very anxious for that. It is really nerve racking.


CKSAN - May 22

Nerve racking for sure!!! I definately know how you feel. I didn't relax with this pregnancy until the 20 week ultrasound, and I STILL check for blood everytime I go to the bathroom. I probably will never shake that habit. Are you planning on taking your metformin for the whole pregnancy or stopping?


Kirk - May 22

I am not sure if I am going to take Metformin the whole time. I have read that it helps with miscarriage. I am going to talk to my specialist about it in a week and a half. I am on it until then for sure anyway. How about you guys, are you still taking it??


CKSAN - May 23

I am still taking it, because it helps me so much with all of my PCOS symptoms. Read my May 18 post at 9:10. It tells why I am staying on it.


Alexa - August 24

Hi i have PCOS and just found out thati am pregnant. I took nothing, i was so amazed to be pregnant. My first pregnacy was fine i had twins. It has been 9 years since my first pregnacy. I scared this time becuse i am about six weeks and spotting. Does metformin help reduce the risk of miscarriage?



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