Perigaurd IUD Pregnancy

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GlendaGosey - September 27

Hello to everyone who has been posting on this forum. First I have to say that I had a copper IUD for 10 years with no problems what-so-ever. I ahd it removed and had two children, a girl almost three and my 7 month old son. Because of the ease in which my first IUD functioned, after the birth of my son, i did not hesitate to choose it as my means of birth control. However in the past few days I have been getting heart-burn. There is only one thing that has ever given me heart-burn, and it is NOT a heaping helping of hot wings, if you get my drift. I have also been having a lot of lower tummy cramping. I have bee3n reading this forum about pregnancy and IUD's but I have had a hard time deciphering the percentage of those of you who had pregnancy symptoms but were not pregnant vrs. those of you who acvtually turned out to be pregnant. I am very worried, I ahve a friend who had a eutopic pregnancy and almpost died from internal bleeding, (she did not have an IUD). If you had a perigaurd IUD and did turn out to be pregnant could you respond and tell me what your first indications of pregnancy were. I had my period only about 2 weeks ago, so it seems a litlle eatluy to be having symptoms, alos too early for a pregnanct test. My email address is user name gosey_rolle. My email is yahoo


sparkle_belle - October 8

i also have the paraguard IUD and i've had it about a year now. well my periods are pretty regular and i got mine or what i thought was mine on time about 2 weeks ago but it was only a couple days long and much lighter than usual. since then i have had either a brownish discharge or sometimes even a slightly bloody discharge everyday everytime i use the bathroom. i have felt crampy everyday as well like im about to get my period but obviously i dont. i have headaches, im hot all of the time now, i seem to be peeing more than usual although maybe im just drinking more than usual, and i am breaking out everywhere all of a sudden. the last time i was intimate with my ex was the end of august to the very beginning of september. is it possible do u think that im pregnant? i took a test tonight and its negative. i know the morning urine is best so i'll take another one in the morning but i read another string on here and how alot of the iud girls got false negatives. i dont know if they ended up being pregnant or not but still..??? has anyone else had these symptoms and ended up pregnant or had them and not been pregnant?



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