Period Like Bleeding And Cramps At 8 1 2 Weeks

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ella - March 10

i started with a pink discharge about a week ago, the same way i usually start my period. since then it has become blood (sometimes darker, sometimes bright red, often with small tissue) and i have cramps really similar to period cramps. i went to the ER two days ago because i thought i might be miscarrying and i got an ultrasound (my second--the first was good). the ultrasound showed that the baby was growing and the heart was beating and everything looked the perfect size. they found a cyst on my left ovary and told me to check it with a doctor in a week or so to see if it was still there. the ultrasound tech mentioned that my bleeding could be the result of the placenta building, that some pieces tend to shed without problem. it was reassuring to see the baby doing well but i'm still bleeding and still cramping and i'm wondering if everything is really okay. i don't have a doctor yet (or insurance) so i'm not sure how to follow up. anyone had a similar experience? would a cyst cause the bleeding? thank you


kim - March 10

The cyst could cause the bleeding and the cramping, but I would be a bit concerned about miscarriage also. Bleeding doesn't mean miscarriage, but certainly could be. Being you don't have insurance is their a family planning clinic or health department in your are? What about pregnancy medicaid. Where I live you can get treatment if you prove you are pregnant and qualify for medicaid. You really need a Dr.'s advice on this.


ella - March 13

thanks for your help kim! i have good news. we decided just to pay for the doctor instead of dealing with insurance. anyways, the bleeding and cramping was because of a small 'ledge' to the placenta, a tear that has not affected the baby at all. the doctor said everything is great, nothing to be concerned with and that the bleeding will subside in the next week or so. the baby is healthy and doing somersaults. i am SO relieved. thought it might help others out there who are stressed and worried over bleeding to know that i had a good result!! god bless



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