Periods During Pregnancy

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JudithLayne - January 10

has anyone ever had their period during their pregnancy and gone on to have a healthy baby?? im wondering cuz ive been having my periods although they werent as heavy or as long as my normal periods..but ive had all the symptoms and from wat i think was my last period (oct. 19) i would be around 12 weeks..but i havent been to the doc yet cuz i havent been able to get a positive...but i still feel like im dh and sister both think so stomach looks bigger and rounder and my bbs are bigger too...i have a doc appt next thursday but im just trying to see if theres anyone out there that can give me any advice or help..thanks in advance!!


FrancesM - January 10

Judith, my husbands niece had 5 periods before she knew she was pg. It happened to a friend of mine too. It is possible...Good luck at the Dr!!


JudithLayne - January 12

does anyone else have any answers for me?? i could really use some!! thanks!!


AshleyC - January 14

My mom had her period all throughout her pregnancy with me, which is why no one knows how early I was born. It's annoying when people say "Oh, I can't be pregnant, I have my period!" because I'm evidence otherwise.


JudithLayne - January 14

thank you ashley! that gives me hope that i really am and im not just crazy!! but did your mom have any trouble with her pregnancy? just wondering if theres anything i should be concerned about.. thanks again!!


dragonlady1380 - March 1

hi judith, i got a bfp last week and have had all the symptoms still do. then the doc sent a sample away for lab to confirm but it came back negative on thursday then yesturday my period started but it is different it bright pink red and has no clots and is just like water so im up in the air and dont know if im pregnant or not. im seeing the doc again next friday so fingers crossed. ur not alone many women r in our situation. i hope u get the results u r looking for


browneyes888 - March 4

What did you find out? I am in the same boat. I started bleeding out of no where about a week ago, about 5 days sooner than I thought I was going to get my period and it was different. I had to warning signs at all, no cramps, bloating, headache...not anything... it was a lot lighter than normal too.. and now I have cramping, bloating, a weird feeling down there, am always warm and I am done bleeing... I just feel weird and am scared to take a test!! I want to think that it's not possible because I was bleeing, but I know it is possible and the way I'm feeling is freaking me out!



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