PIH Pre Eclampsia Dr Said Don T Get Pregnant Again

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Perl - February 28

My primary care physician (PCP) told me I should adopt rather than get pregnant again because I got PIH (pre-eclampsia) with my first pregnancy. My ob/gyn didn't say anything to discourage me when I asked her at my postpartum checkup this is just my PCP's opinion. I really want to give my 4 month old ds a sibling but had my doubts and now that Dr. told me this, I'm really discouraged. Is anyone here having complications due to PIH/Pre-eclampsia and on a 2nd or 3rd pregnancy?? Is it really that much worse in later pregnancies than the first time?


sahmof3 - February 28

Well, I never had it personally, but my friend did. Her first was born at 30 weeks because of it weighing 2 lbs. 11 oz. She was told another pregnancy would be risky, but wasn't told to absolutely not do it again. She did get pregnant again. She had a lot of help toward the end and really took it easy. Her BP was a bit high, but not real bad and she delivered at full term, BUT her body starting shutting down after the birth. They said she was going in to kidney failure... for a few days it really didn't look good! She came around again and started getting better, but she got depressed to the point she just sat there staring for about a month. After that she bounced back in a big way :-) Believe it or not she got pregnant again... everyone was soooo scared for her.... but she had NO high BP and NO pre-eclampsia with her 3rd and no depression (other than a little baby blues) either. I also know a few people who had it once and never again, but I don't know their stories as well because I wasn't right there seeing them like I was with her.


Perl - March 6

Wow I guess I'm just really very scared even though it sounds like your friend had it worse than I did. Would you happen to know if your friend still suffers from kidney problems? I'd be interested in knowing of complications during the pregnancy for me for the baby too and also complications months or years after the delivery too. I have some research to do.


JuJu - March 7

Perl; I haven't personally had pre-eclampsia, but I know of a few other girls who have had it to varying degrees, and to my knowledge they weren't told not to have other babies.....rather they were told that they would need special attention during their subsequent pregnancies. And 2 of them have gone on to have second bubs. How severe was your pre-eclampsia? Is your PCP a high-risk specialist? I would seek the opinion of a high-risk OB before making a decision - it just sounds a little extreme to me. JuJu


Perl - March 7

Thanks JuJu. Well it didn't develop into full-b__wn eclampsia. But it was considered severe pre-eclampsia and was the deciding factor in having the baby delivered a bit early but only by 3 weeks. I just worry that if there is a next time the baby could come much earlier than 3 weeks which would not be good for the baby. I'll ask about high risk OBs though that is something I have not considered before. Thanks.


Parul - March 8

Hi Perl, with my first child I had severe pre-eclampsia and toxemia. My daughter was born at 29 weeks gestational. She is healthy 2 and half year old. We were encouraged not to have a another child until after my daughter was a year. We tried to get pregnant again after her 1st birthday. I am now 18 weeks pregnant with no symptoms!!! You can get pregnant again, you would need to take more precautionary measures then an average pregnany. So your physician is full of s..t!! Get a second opinion!


sahmof3 - March 8

Perl... no.. her kidney thing was a once and done thing :-) She's cpmpletely healthy now! She had 3 boys, but decided not to press her luck and try for a girl ;-)


Perl - March 8

Thanks everyone. Now I'm confused because I read an article online that showed chances of developing pre-eclampsia a 2nd time are reduced if the next pregnancy is closer in time but Parul you were told to wait more than one year. Do you remember why they told you to wait? I would think more time would be better for all the organs to replenish and get back to normal. My liver is a bit enlarged and fatty right now and I don't even drink and nowhere near overweight.


Parul - March 9

Hi Perl. The reason why I was told to wait a year is because of the c-section st_tches and giving it time to heal. My daughter was in the Neo natal unit for 2 months after birth. I went home 3 weeks after the birth. Once I returned home, my blood pressure was completely normal. I was also 20 lbs overweight, and they had suggested to lose some weight before trying again. I believe you can have another baby Perl, you just need to be monitored by your OBGYN once you are pregnant.



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