Pinching Like Pains In Sides Is This Normal

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K - October 2

Hello ~ This is my first pregnancy so every little weird feeling freaks me out. I am in either my 7th or 8th week and have experienced mild period like cramping, which my Dr. said was normal but just not had a pinching or tugging like pain in my right side of my stomach. Is this also normal? I cannot find any info. on the internet about pinching pain. Has anyone else experienced this? Any info. would help! Thanks!


ginger - October 14

Hi This is my first pregnancy too and i have pinching pain on my left side, but i have a cyst on my left ovary, maybe you should ask your doctor for a scan to see whats going on inside, i am also 8 weeks too and have the cramping pain which i was told is normal as the baby is growing. i hope this info is useful, goodluck.


Rachel - October 14

Pinching, cramping, pulling, etc. these feelings are all very common in pregnancy. Your uterus is stretching and therefore is stretching the surrounding ligaments. You will get funny feelings, very often you will even have a "full feeling" - like you just ate a very large meal. All of this is common to an extent. Abnormal cramping - as in with a miscarriage - is usually much more severe. I wouldn't worry if I were you. Stressing yourself out will only cause more harm than good. - October 14



K - October 14

Thanks everyone for your input! My husband keeps telling me the same things; not to stress out about everything. I had an ultrasound a week ago and we saw the heart beat so I feel a little better! I will feel much better once I'm past my 12th week though!


C.k - October 22

am pregnant for the fist time and 6weeks counting from the last period. just yesterday was wondering if something is wrong cause am getting that pinching pain on the left side. I havent had any nausea just fatigue and the cramping occasionally.


K - October 22

Hello everyone~ am now entering my 10th week : ) Thanks for all your input... it makes me feel better that other people are also experiencing the same things... my Dr. isn't much help so I'm going to a new one!


tumi - October 24

Thanks guys! I haven't been to a scan yet but in counting I think I'm 6 weeks. I also have those pinching like pains night and in the morning i'm fine. I thought I was the only one so it feels better now...



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